Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ninety Nine

This afternoon, i went to Grand Indonesia with my high school friends. Yeah, although we've been separated for almost four years, but we always gather every holiday, when everybody come back to Indonesia from all over the world. Today, we had lunch at The Duck King (but i'm too hungry to take pictures. lol), and after that we decided to eat some desserts at ninety nine.

I've been here once, and the atmosphere was nice. I'd really like to be seated in the void area, which designed   like a garden, with lots of trees and white pergola at the center of the void, but unfortunately, that place is always full. So we got seats on the indoor spot, which has dark interior. The interior was nice, but i don't like dark restaurants.

*image taken from google

We ordered Pistachio Creme Brulee (38k), Dame Blanche (46k), and Grand Marnier Crepes (46k). I ate the Grand Marnier Crepes first. It was.. wierd. I think the orange sauce is too much, and the taste is too sharp. And also the crepes and the ice cream was plain, so it makes the orange sauce tasted even sharper. Dissapointing.
Second, i tasted the Dame Blanche. It consists two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and some cookies with chocolate dipping sauce. It tasted fine, not bad, but also not addictive. But the third dish, Pistachio Creme Brulee, was perfect for me. Its not too sweet, and not too watery. And also the ice cream on the top makes it even tastier. Love it! 

Pistachio Creme Brulee

Dame Blanche

Grand Mernier Crepes

So the creme brulee was the highlight of the day, and definitely will come back for it. Luckily, they just opened their new outlet at Ranch Market Puri Indah, near my house. Yay!

Oh and we also took picture there. There's actually more of us today, but they've left earlier. Can't wait to see you again guys! 

Ninety-Nine Jakarta
Grand Indonesia East Mall Lower Ground
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1 Jakarta Pusat 10310
Phone: +62-21 2358 1199

Monday, December 26, 2011

Motto Motto Ramen - Closed

A few days ago, me and david went to Living World Mall at Alam Sutera to help a friend deliver a letter to his colleagues. But when we arrived, our friend said that his colleagues has left. We were dissapointed, but since we're there already, we decided to take a walk.

After a short walk at ground floor, we found this eye catching hippo restaurant named Motto Motto. The hippopotamus wallpaper was so attractive and cute, so we decided to try it, although we've had lunch at home before. Oh and not only the hippo wallpaper, they also got a hexagonal shaped sofa area which is so cute and feels more private.

We decided to share a plate, since our tummy still quite full that time, so we ordered a Chicken Donburi Complete Meal (32k). Their specialties is noodles, but David prefered rice that day, so i followed him. The price was quite low, 32k for a bowl of chicken donburi, gyoza, chicken karaage, salad, chicken soup and ocha. All of them tasted nice, and the soup was really satisfying for us. Too bad it's located far away from my house. Please open your next outlet in West Jakarta! ;)

Motto Motto Ramen
Living World Alam Sutera 
Ground Floor Unit G- 328

Sunday, December 25, 2011

La Biere

Merry christmas everyone! Last night, me and my boyfriend David were having our christmas eve dinner at La Biere, Central Park Mall. We came there because of my sister's recommendation.
The place consists two parts, indoor and outdoor, divided by a large pedestrian way. We chose the indoor seat, since the outdoor is a smoking area. The interior was nice, using lots of wood material, but not too dark. I hate dark restaurants, you can barely see the menu!

They have Asian, Western, and Indonesian food in the menu. The price range from 40k to 130k. We ordered a Meatball Marinara Spaghetti (48k), Chicken Cordon Blue (48k), and a La Biere Fungi Pizza (48k). Personally, i think the seasoning of my spaghetti was too spicy and watery, but the meatballs were fine and the garlic breads was delicious! Too bad they didn't put garlic bread on the menu. haha.
As for the chicken cordon blue, the presentation was so standard, not attractive. But the taste was quite good. And the fungi pizza was also nice. Crunchy and cheesy, yum!

Overall, i like this restaurant, and i think i'll go for my second visit soon. :)

La Biere
Central Park Tribeca GF 09-10
Jalan Letjen. S. Parman Kav 28
Jakarta, Indonesia 11470

Saturday, December 10, 2011

stereo hearts ♡

Today i went to a family karaoke with my campus' friends, and fell in love with this song. I've known this song for months, but never realized that the lyrics are sooooo sweet. I should've known, Adam Levine's song will never fail to impress me. Really love the chorus!
 Enjoy :)

My heart's a stereo
It beats for you so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every note

Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
So sing along to my stereo

Thursday, December 08, 2011

the upcoming final project

Wow it's been a month without blogging! So much to write, but those damn campus assignment won't let me. haha. But now its over!

So actually it's time for christmas holiday. My favourite time of the year, where i usually spent it with my family and friends, but no, not this year. This year's holiday will become horrible because of the final project! 

Yes, the next semester (hopefully) will become my last semester in the university, so i have to prepare lots of things for the final project. Starts with the proposal. Each student have to make two proposals and we're having the presentation at January 9th. While the others still having their holiday until February. Yeah, the world is sooo unfair. Give me back my holiday!

Anyway, no matter how long i grumble, the final project is still coming. Let's face it with a big smile in the face! =D

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

making animation :3

Yesterday i got an assignment to make an architecture animation for my project. I was not confident at first, because this is my first project animation, and my lecturer is kinda mean. He wouldn't hesitate to humiliate your work in front of the class if your project not good enough for him. But luckily, he said my project is interesting. I was really happy that time, because i worked hard for this video, and this project of course.

So this is my project video, the kid's playhouse. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i miss singapore :(

Yes, just as the title said, I MISS SINGAPORE! Got stuck in a lot of assignments lately, and I want holiday soooo bad. So then I remembered my last holiday to singapore with my friends, and I missed it. The food, the city, the ambience, and of course that freedom we had back then. 
So I gonna post some Singapore food for today. Oh yes by the way, i'm addicted to food photography! I looove taking pictures of food, more than taking pictures of people and places. So you might find lots of food pictures here. Dont blame me if you get hungry! :)

carrot cake 

fried noodles 

singapore chicken rice!!! *drool*

singapore chicken noodles



chasiu noodles


char kueyteow

hotpot rice

mee shua with fishballs

super cuteee white grape can

$1 ice cream!

cakes nyumm

tori Q

  nasi lemak. my favourite breakfast :)

 roasted chicken noodle

 indian curry. sooo spicy

 dinner at vivo city

bringing home all the guilty pleasure  =3

Friday, October 07, 2011

the wedding invitation

A few days ago, we got an invitation from my mother's old friend. I don't know who is this friend, and i have no idea what's the bride and groom look like, but the invitation was cute, so i'd like to share it here. 
From the outside, the invitation was only a plain brown rectangle with an orange border surrounding the writing. (my mom said the color was pale, but personally, i like that color!) But when you open it, there's a figure of prince and princess inside. And the more you open it, the closer they'd get into each other. And finally they kissed each other, happily ever after~
Haha actually it's not that dramatic. But it's really cute, and i'd love to have an invitation like that for my wedding. 
Btw, to whoever you are, the-son-of-my-mother's-friend and his bride to be, 


It's october already! Been busy doing those writing assignments, but it's finally done for now. So let's catch up with my life. :)
Last saturday two of my bestfriends held their birthday dinner at pepenero kuningan. The place were fine, but we got seated at the outdoor venue, and it was kinda hot. As for the food, i think i prefer trattoria at the east building, mega kuningan. My pasta was tagliatelle, and i think it was undercooked. But the mushroom sauce was delicious! The lasagna and steaks my friends ordered were also delightful.
I posted some photos of the food. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I just thought that there's nothing interesting today to write in this blog, when suddenly my sister came home. Guess what she brought with her? A FLYING SQUIRREL. It is so cute and fluffy. It can't fly right now, but it can't stand still either. It ran, climbed anything it could, and looked at us with a confused look in it's big round eyes.

Another thing is, it doesn't have teeth! lol. It eats banana by licking it. Major cuteness. Love it. I hope it doesn't end up dying like my sister's other pets. Usually she just take care her pet for few days, and our maid will take care of it after she got bored.

By the way, say hello to mocca :)  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chichen Itza

I'm a travel freak, yes i've written it in my bio. I love travelling! It's like the best relaxation one could have. 
Due to the limited funds, i've only travelled around indonesia and some other countries like singapore, malaysia, hong kong, and china (i'd like to post the pictures soon). But one day, maybe when i've become a great architect (big dream) i'd really like to see Europe. And America. And Africa. And all around the world! 
A few months ago, i did a little reseach about Mexico for my assignment. And i just suddenly fell in love with the country. The beach, the culture, the history, all of it. And the city i want to visit most is Chichen Itza.
Chichen Itza is a large pre-Columbian archaeological site built by the Maya civilization located in the northern center of  Mexico. The city is full of history. Ancient ruins, caves, pilgrimage places, can't wait to see all of that! <3 

El Castillo, the Mayan Temple

Cenote Sagrado, the sacred well

Saturday, September 17, 2011

multiple personalities

Good evening! Just got home, really tired. Today i attended a lecture in UPH about 'Parametric and Prefabrication in Architecture' with some friends. When i heard the word 'parametric', i thought it's gonna discuss about Hadid or Liebeskind's works. But i was totally wrong.
  The event discussed about the hexa panels, the hexagonal wall created by some UPH lecturers with the prefabrication and modular system. It's not the panel was ugly or something. The panel was great and make a unique wall actually, but maybe it's just not what i expected to be discussed, so i'm kinda upset.
But here comes the wierd thing. One of the lecturer is actually a lecturer in my university too. Just call him Mr.S. Mr.S is very famous in my university. He's the most killer lecturer in the whole faculty. Everybody in my university is afraid of him. But in the other side, although he's killer and mean, he's a good lecturer. His criticism build us in order to do the best for our assignment.
The wierd thing is, the Mr.S in UPH is not the same as Mr.S in UNTAR. The person was exactly the same, but the personality feels different. The UPH's Mr.S is kind, and he talked with lots of smile in his face. It feels like he has multiple personalities. lol.
We were so confused of Mr.S. My friend asked her friend who studies architecture in UPH, "It's Mr.S right? The killer lecturer?" and her friend was like "Nope, he's kind. Maybe you misunderstand him". 


Hello! Its 00.20 am and i've just decided to start blogging. I've been thinking about blogging for he last several days, thinking about this and that, but finally here it is. The Daily Nut.

Who's the girl behind? 
The name's natasha. But you can just call me nut. I'm an architecture student from Jakarta, Indonesia. I love architecture, travelling, photography, cooking, reading, writing, watching movies, playing RPG games, and so on. So yes, basically i'm a girl with lots of hobbies.

So what's this blog about? 
The answer might be everything. I'll write whatever i feel like writing. But mostly it will be about my life, my daily activity, my experience, my hobbies and interest.

I think that's all for the introduction. :)

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