Friday, October 11, 2013

UNION at Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall

UNION is my favorite place to get cakes, and I believe most of you adore it too just as much as I do. Having heard that they've just opened their second branch at Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall that serves new cake variants, I just can't stop myself to immediately visit their new joints several days ago.

Located at the end of Street Gallery, the venue is surely more spacious than the one at Plaza Senayan. Welcoming you at the entrance is the bakery, where the mouthwatering cakes and luscious danishes are displayed beautifully. A little further inside is the dining area, which is designed with similar concept as their previous outlet with the black framed windows, ceramic tiled columns and ceiling, and still bathed with sunlight. But while the Plaza Senayan's outlet connected to the outdoor plaza, the PIM's outlet is connected to the main road of Pondok Indah, so you might smell the exhaust fumes sometimes. 

Not wanting to be left behind in this Cronut Craze Season, of course I ordered their available cronut selections, which is called Flaky Doughnut here. There were three available selections, the Cinnamon Sugar, Boston Cream (Chocolate Vanilla), and Peanut Butter, at the price of IDR 35.000 each. Actually the Cinnamon Sugar looks more tempting for me, but according to the waitress' recommendation, their Boston Cream flavor is the best seller, so we decided to give it a try.

Their Boston Cream Flaky Doughnut came in a big size. It looks crunchy and chocolatey from the outside, but then I cut it through and the Vanilla Custard Cream started to flood outside. And as expected of cronut, you can see layered pastry inside. Taste wise, well, I always love UNION's creation for their pastry always match my not-too-sweet tongue. The cream is rich, but not too sweet, and with a slight bitterness taste from the chocolate, they're a perfect match to eat your cronut. A satisfaction indeed.

Moving on from the flaky doughnut, I also got a hard time choosing which cake to try. They got two new creations, the Nastar Crumble Cake and the Confetti Cake, which for now only available at PIM outlet. Nastar Crumble sounds very unique, but in the end, Confetti Cake won, simply just because it has cream cheese frosting which I love so much, lol.

The Confetti Cake (IDR 55.000) came in a rather pale colour (pardon my bad photography skill, it was actually not that pale), and the taste was just okay. Well as always the cake was moist and the cream cheese was superb, and when you eat the cake you could taste the sweet burst from the confetti, but I think it's kinda too ordinary? I think I should've ordered the Nastar Crumble instead as it sounds extraordinary.

Well don't worry, there's always next time for UNION.

UNION Brasserie, Bakery, and Bar
Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall 1, GF
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan
ph. +62 21 29529781 - 82


  1. i really wanna try the nastar crumble one! have you tried their PB and J ?

    1. Hi Jess, yeah nastar crumble sounds delightful isn't it? Nope haven't tried it, but peanut butter and jelly sounds good ya, is it?

    2. hahah tai banget nih anon di atas. spreading hate gt..

      nad! long time no blogwalking and i kan next monday mau coba union yg di pim tp connecting sm road gt jadi males. anyway.. mau coba nastar crumble nya tp kayak gambling kalo ga enak.. hahaha i'll go with confetti sometimes!

    3. Haiss gw baru liat ada komen gituu, spam bgt dah -.-
      Hahah iyaa cobain nastar crumble nya ajaa, ini yg confetti enak tp enaknya biasa aja ga nagih, kayanya enakan nastar crumble :9
      Udah lama ga ngepost Cend? I miss reading your posts!

    4. aaaa... cronut nya enak banget ya.. i packed 2 for home-snack ..
      trus confetti gw mubazir dong ya ga abis.. gw enek gt makannya.. errkkkkkk..
      i lost my cam's cable gt yg buat ke komp! omg omg.. T__T

    5. Cronut nya juga menurut gw enaknya biasa aja sih ga nagih, gede bangett hahah. tetep paling suka red velvetnyaa!

      yahh, ga pake memory card gt cam nya?

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