Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Puncak] Nicole's Kitchen and Lounge

It's been a long time since my last visit to Puncak. In my childhood I used to go to Puncak almost every weekend, meet my big family at my grandma's villa, and play with my two favourite cousins there. At that time Puncak was always very crowded in weekend, but I think it's popularity  began to fade when the Cipularang highway built. People would prefer to go to Bandung for there is more choices of food and leisure there, so like every other family, we began to abandon our Puncak weekend routine.

But then lately the name of Puncak often be heard again thanks to Nicole's Kitchen and Lounge. Located at the same area with Brasco Factory Outlet, Nicole's has brought a new concept for people to enjoy the beauty of Puncak. The rooftop lounge is a real beauty, for sure. It's designed all white, and it has glass roof and sliding windows all over the place, allowing the bright sunshine and breezy wind to enter the room. The outside area has a lot of rattan sofas and gazebos, a really nice and cozy place to spend a quiet holiday.

The food they serve was quite various, they have Western, Asian, and Indonesian food selection. The pictures below are what we had that day,

Sate Kambing (IDR 48.000)

Fish and Chips (IDR 42.000)

Beef Black Pepper with Rice (IDR 48.000)

Chicken Cordon Bleu (IDR 55.000)

My dish that day is the Fish and Chips, and I didn't try the other dish other than mine. The Fish and Chips came in generous portion, the fish fillet was thick while the batter was thin and crispy. Too bad the tar tar sauce didn't compliment it well, it tasted just like plain mayo. In the other hand, we were really impressed by the presentation of the Sate Kambing. It's beautiful, and according to my friend, it tasted good too! The Chicken Cordon Bleu was another decent dish, while the Black Pepper Beef with rice was too watery for my friend.

In conclusion, the food were all pretty standard, they're quite good but not the one that leaves you craving for more. But the place itself was more enjoyable than the food. Would love to come again to spent a nice afternoon outside with a cup of tea and snacks, maybe?

Nicole's Kitchen and Lounge
Kampung Brasco Factory Outlet
Jl. Raya Hanjawar no.1
Cimacan, Jawa Barat


  1. Nat ini beneran di Puncak? Hahaha cantiik banget tempatnyaaa cuma tau Cimory aja...udah gw link yaa blog elo di gue...

    1. Iyaa Icha di puncak, baru buka akhir taun lalu deh kayaknya masi lumayan baru. Haha iya bagus tempatnya putih" terang" gituu, tp makanannya biasa banget -.-

      Sipp" thanks, blog lo jg udah gw link ya :D :D

  2. Tempatnya bagus tapi pelayananny kurang bagus.. tidak profesional.. orderan salah d antar k customer lain sehingga harus menunggu lama..

  3. Tempatnya bagus tapi pelayananny kurang bagus.. tidak profesional.. orderan salah d antar k customer lain sehingga harus menunggu lama..

  4. Gue pernah ke sini juga pas taon lalu, desember mungkin. Asik sih tempatnya, cuman waktu itu emang agak kurang suka sama pelayanannya. Pelayan agak cuek.
    Tapi pas teman pada ngajakin lagi sekitar bulan lalu, kayaknya ada perubahan Service nya jadi lebih bagus, makanan keluarnya lebih cepat Ga kaya sebelumnya sih. Sekarang lebih bagus, dan bikin gue mau ke sana lagi kalo lagi penat..

  5. Apakah ada yang tau untuk nomor telpon atau email dari Restoran ini? Bisa share ke 081703650162.


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