Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Edible Wish: New Healthy Way of Giving

Earlier this month, I received an email from Jessica, the owner of Edible Wish, a new online store which specializing in Fruit Bouquet and Chocolate Dipped Fruits. Fruit Bouquet might sounds new in our ear, it is a brilliant idea of giving, combining the idea of Fruits Basket and Flower Bouquet. Arranged by professional fruit artists using only the finest and freshest fruits, it is beautiful and healthy at the same time, really sounds like a perfect gift for your loved ones, so it was an absolut YES when she ask me to feature her product in my blog. And here they are.

Wish You Well Fruit Bouquet (IDR 250.000)
My fruit bouquet came in a beautiful orange mug with a lot of fresh tropical fruits at the top if it. There are huge red strawberries, grapes, sunkist oranges, melons, and flower-shaped pineapple. All fruits were undoubtedly fresh and good. Who can resist such beauty?

Lovey Dovey (IDR 175.000)
Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with heart-shaped sprinkles. It's another great idea to enjoy your fruits. Strawberry and chocolate become one? Looove it!

Well that's just a teaser of their products, you can pay a visit to their website ediblewish.com to see more of their products. They offer lots of fruit bouquet selections at the price of IDR 250.000 - IDR 675.000, and dipped fruits selections at the price of IDR 150.000 - IDR 225.000. Their website is also as cute as their products, couldn't say how much I love it.

Thank you Edible Wish for these cute and healthy treats. Saying love is not enough, show them your love by giving them the gift that's not only beautiful, but also edible and healthy!

Edible Wish
ph. 0878 80 5000 20
bbm. 24BF02C1
email. hello@ediblewish.com

Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Dessert Creations at Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop

For me, the name of Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop began to be heard often since last July, when they became the first cake shop in Jakarta who serves the famous CRONUTS! From back then until now, the Mandarin Oriental's cronuts still remains as one of the best cronuts in Jakarta, and now they also create more variants of cronuts.

And not only cronuts. Now that their pastry chef, Chef Wita Girawati, has completed an intensive training at LeNotre Culinary Institutes in Paris, she and her team has created the hotel's new dessert menu that will be offered at the famous Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop. And last week, I happened to be so lucky to be one of the first people to taste her new dessert creations.

The food tasting session was held in Cinnamon, Mandarin Oriental's buffet restaurant which is also connected with the Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop. The restaurant was facing the garden, it was warmly light and quite cozy. At the center of the restaurant, there's this huge dessert table, offering us not only the new dessert creations, but also their favourite and best sellers too.

The new dessert menu itself is ranging from the high end desserts to some innovative eclairs and handmade chocolates. Most of them are served in the Individual Portion at the price at IDR 50.000 and Whole Cake which starts from IDR 340.000. The portion they served us that day was actually the bite-sized portion, it's smaller than the Individual Portion. They made it special for this occasion, because there were so many desserts to taste.

Caramel and Apple Tart
Caramel chiboust cream with caramelized apple on the top of almond crust tart. Creamy, crunchy, and sweet. It was such a lovely dessert. Love the texture play and it has the perfect sweetness that match my tastebud.

Piemonte Hazelnut Cake 
Chocolate caramel mousse cake with hazelnut bavaroise on hazelnut biscuit. Presentation wise it was such a beauty. Got tempted immediately by the look of it, both the bite sized and the whole cake. But too bad I'm can't handle too much chocolate mousse. It was so good at the first bite, but at the end I'm getting overwhelmed by the creaminess and sweetness. It might be a good choice if you are a chocolate person though.

Alliance Apricot
Apricot and mascarpone mousse with sable breton biscuit. Now this is more suitable for me. Even though it's a mousse, it has the tangy taste from the apricot so it's not overwhelming for me. I was expecting hard and crunchy biscuit at the bottom and found out that the sable breton biscuit was actually kinda soft, but it actually tasted good together with the mousse at it's top.

Matcha Goma Cake 
Layers of white chocolate mousse, green tea biscuit, and sesame seed jelly. Another decent cake with strong green tea taste. 

Other than the whole cakes, there are also eclairs, lime and raspberry macaroon, cassava cake, and of course their famous cronuts. All of them were so lovely that I'm getting sugar high! Never eaten that many desserts at one time before in my life.

Anyway, to enjoy their lovely dessert, you can simply drop by to the Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop, or enjoy the Afternoon Tea Package at Cinnamon. For IDR 130.000+, you can enjoy one of this high tea package.

Classic High Tea
Assortment of finger sandwiches (egg, smoked salmon with cream cheese, cucumber)
Home baked scones served with strawberry jam and clotted cream
American chocolate cake, tiramisu cake, and strawberry tart

Oriental High Tea
Basket of dim sum with char siew chicken bun
Prawn and siew mai dumplings with chilli sauce
Indonesian kue klepon, lapis legit, and banana cakes

Wait no more and get your sugar fix at Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop now! 

Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop
Jl. MH Thamrin 
Jakarta 10310
ph. (021) 2993 8889

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Koffie Warung Tinggi d/h Tek Soen Hoo

The fifth floor of Grand Indonesia West Mall is occupied by a lot of new restaurants lately. One of them is Koffie Warung Tinggi, the old coffee shop which has been established since 1878, and now opening it's second outlet with a brand new concept.

Last week when me and my besties wandered around the fifth floor, we were attracted by this coffee shop because of two things: the comfy sofas and the martabak bar. Well it's pretty hard to find martabak inside malls, isn't it? And also the interior looks really nice, it is old and modern at the same time. By the way I didn't bring my camera that day, so please bear with the phone-quality photos.

Not only serving coffee and martabak, Koffie Warung Tinggi also serves selection of  Indonesian main courses like nasi goreng, nasi uduk, and bubur ayam. To place your order here, you have to queue at the cashier and pay it first, and then the waiter will serve the meal to your table when it's ready.

Koffie Peranakan (IDR 30.000)
A friend of mine was asking for their specialty coffee, and the barista recommended Koffie Peranakan, a glass of coffee made of a mixture of arabica and robusta coffee. To be honest I'm not a coffee person, all coffee tasted quite the same for me, only some is more fragrant than the others, and this coffee is certainly the fragrant one, I love love love the smell. You can also ask the barista to serve the condensed milk separately, so you can adjust the sweetness as you like it.

Green Tea Latte (IDR 34.000)
That day I wasn't in the mood for coffee, but I would love to see latte art on my cup, so I ordered the green tea latte. It came in the beautiful green latte art, of course. The taste of green tea was strong and sweet, a little bit too sweet for me, but still enjoyable.

Martabak Ovomaltine Keju (IDR 135.000, Large Size)
We were sold at the first time we saw the ovomaltine word on the menu. Even though it was quite pricey topping, (the price of the plain martabak is IDR 50.000, the ovomaltine topping is IDR 62.500, and the cheese topping is IDR 17.500) we're still excited to try it and put high hopes on it. Maybe too high, because in the end, we were disappointed. Yes, the martabak comes in large size, but the amount topping was stingy. Even though it looks like the ovomaltine was bursting out from the inside on the picture, but in the other part we could barely taste it. And also when it was served, all the ovomaltine has melted, so we couldn't taste the crunchy powdery chocolate milk texture that we expected before. The same happened with the cheese. The martabak itself was actually okay, but for me not as good as the martabak you buy on the street. Maybe we should've ordered the small size, because I'm hearing good reviews on the mini ovomaltine martabak. I presume, because the surface is smaller, the ovomaltine would pile up and not all melted like this, so it would definitely be better than this.

For me I have a quite pleasant time here with my friends, and the service was also great. At first we got seated on the dining table because the sofas were full, but a couple minutes later the waiter came back to us and asked if we wanted to move to the the sofa area, for they already have one vacant sofa. Beverages were also good, but they still should make improvements on the food section.

Koffie Warung Tinggi d/h Tek Soen Hoo
Grand Indonesia West Mall 5th floor
Jl. MH Thamrin no.1
Jakarta Pusat
ph. (021) 235 80312
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