Saturday, September 17, 2011

multiple personalities

Good evening! Just got home, really tired. Today i attended a lecture in UPH about 'Parametric and Prefabrication in Architecture' with some friends. When i heard the word 'parametric', i thought it's gonna discuss about Hadid or Liebeskind's works. But i was totally wrong.
  The event discussed about the hexa panels, the hexagonal wall created by some UPH lecturers with the prefabrication and modular system. It's not the panel was ugly or something. The panel was great and make a unique wall actually, but maybe it's just not what i expected to be discussed, so i'm kinda upset.
But here comes the wierd thing. One of the lecturer is actually a lecturer in my university too. Just call him Mr.S. Mr.S is very famous in my university. He's the most killer lecturer in the whole faculty. Everybody in my university is afraid of him. But in the other side, although he's killer and mean, he's a good lecturer. His criticism build us in order to do the best for our assignment.
The wierd thing is, the Mr.S in UPH is not the same as Mr.S in UNTAR. The person was exactly the same, but the personality feels different. The UPH's Mr.S is kind, and he talked with lots of smile in his face. It feels like he has multiple personalities. lol.
We were so confused of Mr.S. My friend asked her friend who studies architecture in UPH, "It's Mr.S right? The killer lecturer?" and her friend was like "Nope, he's kind. Maybe you misunderstand him". 

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