Thursday, December 08, 2011

the upcoming final project

Wow it's been a month without blogging! So much to write, but those damn campus assignment won't let me. haha. But now its over!

So actually it's time for christmas holiday. My favourite time of the year, where i usually spent it with my family and friends, but no, not this year. This year's holiday will become horrible because of the final project! 

Yes, the next semester (hopefully) will become my last semester in the university, so i have to prepare lots of things for the final project. Starts with the proposal. Each student have to make two proposals and we're having the presentation at January 9th. While the others still having their holiday until February. Yeah, the world is sooo unfair. Give me back my holiday!

Anyway, no matter how long i grumble, the final project is still coming. Let's face it with a big smile in the face! =D

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