Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hi everyone! Just wanted to share this particular restaurant I visited last month, Nouvelle at Equity Tower SCBD. I went there for dinner with some friends, to be honest the place was dimly light and I wasn't quite satisfied with the pictures I took that day, but the meal was very satisfying for me that I still eager to share this here even though the photo wasn't so good. 

Anyway, located at the Ground Floor of the Building, the place was quite classy and luxurious with the high ceiling and the wall-mounted wine rack at one side of the wall. The seating was not too much, but they have the semi private room at the mezzanine floor if you come in larger group (Minimum purchase IDR 3.000.000 for up to 12 persons). The food they offer here are unique twist between French and Japanese cuisines.

Escargot Nouvelle (IDR 90.000)
Escargot Nouvelle is served with smoked ham hock dashi nage, truffle sweet corn, and brioche. The escargot was nice and tender, it tasted really good combined with all the elements on the plate. Such a great appetizer to start the night.

Java Sea Bass (IDR 165.000)
My main course that night. Perfectly grilled fresh sea bass served with wakame white onion and roasted squid dashi pearls. Presentation wise it was so beautiful, and it tastes just as beautiful as it looks. Everything on the plate tasted awesome, yet the portion was too small even for a girl like me that deep down inside I don't want to share this meal with anyone!

Line Caught Red Snapper (IDR 175.000)
Grilled red snapper served with cherry tomatoes, fried bean, charred capsicum juice, and curry oil

Duck Aiguilette (IDR 190.000)
Duck meat served with iberico, poached fig, sweet potato puree, hibachi mushroom, and burn orange jus

Well there they are, didn't try all the main courses since the portion were all quite petite, so it's every man for himself, lol. But everyone's enjoying their meal despite the petite portion, and I really thought this was worth sharing with you all.

Great food, great night. Am going to be back here again soon!

Equity Tower GF Unit B2
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat
ph. +62 21 5151356

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Genji Shoppe Pop Up Store by Genji Pie

Let me tell you a great news, everyone! Genji Pie, everybody's favourite pie biscuit from Monde Biscuit, has recently launched Genji Shoppe, a cute and artsy pop up store which offers dessert creations made of Genji Pie as their main ingredients. The store is located at the Ground Floor of Street Gallery at Pondok Indah Mall 3, and will be serving you numbers of delicate desserts for a month only, starting at April 12th 2014.

As one of the favourite biscuit of the youth generation, Genji Pie launched Genji Shoppe not only to let people try their mouthwatering desserts, but they also aim to inspire the youth to gather, share the love, and inspire others to follow their passion and achieve their dream. For that purpose, five young and talented artists collaborated together to decorate the interior and exterior of Genji Shoppe. They are Rukmunal Hakim, Lala Bohang, Ykha Amelz, Muhamad Taufiq, and Monica Hapsari. Keep scrolling to see their unique and original artworks!

Left: Mr. Kelwin Darmono, General Manager of Monde Biscuit Indonesia
The five talented young artists

Moving on to the star of Genji Shoppe: The Genji Pie Dessert Creations! The desserts they offer here was quite various, but even better, you can also create your own Genji Pie desserts! Another Genji Pie's way to let the youth be creative and artsy.

Jar of Hearts (IDR 25.000/100gr)
Let's start with the simplest one. Two Mini Genji Pies stacked together with chocolate spread in between. Simple yet addictive. Get one and your mouth couldn't resist not to get another one, and another one until the plate is empty.

Sweet Sweet Love (IDR 35.000)
Melted chocolate brownies and raspberries between Genji Pies. Love the combination of the crunchy Genji Pie with the soft chocolate brownies and tangy raspberry. Such a beauty in both presentation and taste.

Sleeping Beauty (IDR 25.000)
Mini Genji Pies hidden inside strawberry and vanilla sponge cake. Another lovely creations! Dig deep and get a mouthful of this to taste the combination of crunchy genji pies and spongy and moist strawberry and vanilla cake. One of my favorite dessert here! 

This is Not a Martini (IDR 25.000)
Mini Genji Pies served with white and milk chocolate mousse. To enjoy this, get the mini genji pies and dig deep into the mousse with the pie. Eat it right away after you get your mini genji pies covered with the silky white and milk chocolate mousse.

When Sour Meets Choco (IDR 32.000)
Genji Pies, chocolate malt, and hazelnut covered with chocolate ganache and served with spring fruit salad. The presentation itself is so colorful and tempting, and I must say that it tasted even better than it looks! Crunchy, sweet, and tangy at the same time. It is my own personal favorite here, definitely a must must try!

Magic Cinnamon Pie (IDR 28.000)
Crispy and flaky Genji Pastry served with assorted spiced fruit. Well I'm always up to something fruity and cinnamon-ey when it comes to desserts, so I have no complaints for this one. Sweet and fruity!

Ratatouille Goes Berries (IDR 25.000) 
Last but not least, Genji Pie crumbles served with cream cheese, strawberry, and blueberry on top. The sweet, tangy, and cheesy sensation that will melt in your mouth. 

Wow I'm still amazed right now that Genji Pie could be combined with so many kind of ingredients, and yet they all tasted so good! I must tell you not to miss their dessert creations, especially when they're only available for a month. Go grab them fast! 

Genji Shoppe Pop Up Store 
North Entrance Lobby
Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall III
Jakarta Selatan

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Lasagna Lasagne by Virra Vinsenssa

I am a big fan of lasagna. And not only a big fan, when it comes to lasagna, I'm also a picky fan. Well as you might've known, there are three important components in lasagna: the pasta, the tomato beef sauce, and the cream sauce. And for me, it's hard to find a lasagna with balanced tomato-ey and creamy taste. I just hate it when I ordered lasagna in the restaurant and it came too creamy or too tomato-ey for my tastebud. But you know what, I think I just found the perfect lasagna for me.

Meet Lasagna Lasagne, the famous online brand which specializes in lasagna. The store was established just recently in mid 2013, yet they've made quite a number of loyal customers till now. The owner, Virra Vinsenssa said that the key is "Fresh From The Oven". Lasagna Lasagne always make their lasagna based on order and deliver it right away to keep them fresh. 

Classic Beef Lasagna 
The Classic Beef Lasagna is everybody's favorite. It was layers of lasagna cooked till Al Dente  filled with generous tomato beef sauce and white sauce, and drizzled with mozzarella cheese. All the components were made into perfection and balancing each other really well. The perfectly cooked pasta, ground beef, tomato sauce and white sauce, all of them tasted great together without any of it overpowering the others. Not to mention the mozzarella cheese, which is melted perfectly with crusty texture at the top. Major Yum!

Bratwurst Lasagna
Well when you started to think that lasagna couldn't be possibly better than the Classic Beef Lasagna, here comes this: Bratwurst Lasagna! It is basically the same perfection as the Classic Beef Lasagna, but with generous slices of THICKLY CUT BEEF BRATWURST SAUSAGES! Oh I don't think I need to explain the flavor, you fellow meat lovers must've been able to imagine the heavenly taste of it yourself.

To end today's review, of course here's the variants, size, and price of Lasagna Lasagne.

Classic Beef Lasagna
Mushroom Tomato Lasagna
Mix Beef and Mushroom Lasagna
Large: oval 18x8x4,5cm - IDR 95,000
Small: rectangle 15x7x3cm - IDR 55,000

Bratwurst Lasagna
Large: oval 18x8x4,5cm - IDR 110,000
Small: rectangle 15x7x3cm - IDR 65,000

Thank you for the superb lasagna, Lasagna Lasagne. Couldn't wait to place my next order soon! 

ph. 0856-1300-086
line. lasagnalasagne                        
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