Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i miss singapore :(

Yes, just as the title said, I MISS SINGAPORE! Got stuck in a lot of assignments lately, and I want holiday soooo bad. So then I remembered my last holiday to singapore with my friends, and I missed it. The food, the city, the ambience, and of course that freedom we had back then. 
So I gonna post some Singapore food for today. Oh yes by the way, i'm addicted to food photography! I looove taking pictures of food, more than taking pictures of people and places. So you might find lots of food pictures here. Dont blame me if you get hungry! :)

carrot cake 

fried noodles 

singapore chicken rice!!! *drool*

singapore chicken noodles



chasiu noodles


char kueyteow

hotpot rice

mee shua with fishballs

super cuteee white grape can

$1 ice cream!

cakes nyumm

tori Q

  nasi lemak. my favourite breakfast :)

 roasted chicken noodle

 indian curry. sooo spicy

 dinner at vivo city

bringing home all the guilty pleasure  =3

Friday, October 07, 2011

the wedding invitation

A few days ago, we got an invitation from my mother's old friend. I don't know who is this friend, and i have no idea what's the bride and groom look like, but the invitation was cute, so i'd like to share it here. 
From the outside, the invitation was only a plain brown rectangle with an orange border surrounding the writing. (my mom said the color was pale, but personally, i like that color!) But when you open it, there's a figure of prince and princess inside. And the more you open it, the closer they'd get into each other. And finally they kissed each other, happily ever after~
Haha actually it's not that dramatic. But it's really cute, and i'd love to have an invitation like that for my wedding. 
Btw, to whoever you are, the-son-of-my-mother's-friend and his bride to be, 


It's october already! Been busy doing those writing assignments, but it's finally done for now. So let's catch up with my life. :)
Last saturday two of my bestfriends held their birthday dinner at pepenero kuningan. The place were fine, but we got seated at the outdoor venue, and it was kinda hot. As for the food, i think i prefer trattoria at the east building, mega kuningan. My pasta was tagliatelle, and i think it was undercooked. But the mushroom sauce was delicious! The lasagna and steaks my friends ordered were also delightful.
I posted some photos of the food. Enjoy! :)

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