Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 David and I are studying in the same university, same major, and now in the same class. We meet everyday, so usually our dates are only having meals after class, somewhere near. We rarely having saturday night date, because our house is not near, and we've already met everyday. So months ago, we decided that at least once a month in our monthsary date, we will have a proper date, going somewhere we rarely go, eat something new. So last weekend, me and David were having our monthsary date at Grand Indonesia.

So we watched Wrath of The Titans that day, which was surprisingly good for me. I've watched the prequel, Clash of The Titans before, but I had nothing crossed my memory about the movie, so I thought it was bad, and the sequel must be bad too. lol. But after watching Wrath of The Titans, I thought it was pretty good and worth watching, even though I feel wierd that God can dies in the movie *ups, spoiler alert*.

After watching movie, we had our early dinner at Y&Y. Located in 3A floor, the restaurant had a contrast white lighting, compared to the dim warm lighting in the surroundings. I've seen this restaurant lots of time before, but never set my step on it until last weekend. They've got a lot of sofa in the outside section, so we decided to sit there.

They've got various selection on the menu, there's Italian, Western, Chinese, Japanese, and also Indonesian. For me, they've got too much selection that I confused myself of what to choose. But finally, I chose Chicken Blackpepper (50k), while David picked Tempura Udon (75k). And we also shared a portion of Cheese Pizza (60k). Chinese, Japanese, and Italian, wierd combination, to think about it now.

My Chicken Blackpepper came in a big stone bowl that I doubted I could finished it myself. But I love the presentation, the color of  the blackpepper seasoned chicken, combined with the green, orange, and yellow color of the veggies. And when I tasted it, its delicious! The chicken was tender and seasoned well, and the veggie was fresh and crunchy. I don't know whether the stone bowl was actually not that big, or it was too delicious that I ended up finished it myself and still craving for more.

David's Tempura Udon also came in a big stone bowl. I did taste his dish, and the broth was quite nice. The prawn tempura was also good, although not as delicious as Ten Ten's.

The Cheese Pizza was kind of a turn down for me. It was too cheesy, and not crunchy. Eatable, but not satisfying.

Overall, the Blackpepper Chicken was the highlight of the day. I'd came back for it, and maybe tried their Pacific Place's outlet, who knows if the yacht's empty? :p

Grand Indonesia
3A Floor, West Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin no. 1
Jakarta 10350
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