Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Truff it Out Series at Three Buns

Last minute suggestions, how about spending your Christmas lunch with the new menus at Three Buns? I believe this burger joint doesn't need the long formal intro, as they're already very well known for the scrumptious burgers and fries.

During this jolly season, Excecutive Chef Adam Penney created something new and artistic to please the loyal customers.Using truffle as the main concept, the Truff it Out series is setting higher standard for all the burger and cocktail fans out there.

Street Truff Burger (IDR 105.000)
Prime 150gr beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce, truffled onion jam, and silky den miso mayo. Definitely one of the best burger I've ever had! If the picture hasn't tell you enough, well take another look at that thick patty, it tasted as tender and juicy as it looks. And combined with the melted cheese, sweet onion with just perfect hint of truffle, also fresh lettuce and lovely homemade miso mayo, burgergasm alert!

Truffle Mac and Cheese (IDR 35.000)
Mac and cheese is such a simple yet delicious dish, but adding truffle on it has brought it to a whole new level. As sometimes creamy cheese could be overwhelming the whole dish, the earthy truffle comes as the savior to balance it. Very recommended dish, especially because they're very affordable and yet so good!

Truffle Chocolate Martini
Truffle Passion Martini (left) and Truffle Pear Martini (right)
Truffle Cocktail Selections (IDR 110.000)
Not only food, Three Buns also brought truffle to their cocktails by adding truffle oil into them (you could see the truffle oil floating at the Chocolate Truffle Martini picture above). According to Chef Adam Penney, they did research and experiment for weeks to find which ingredients match best with truffle, and these three are on the top of the list. If you want to get the strong taste of the truffle, I recommend you to try the Truffle Pear Martini though.

Truffle Gelato (IDR 25.000)
Another happy news, Three Buns is now also serving gelato! Their homemade gelato is created by the famous Milkbar. Here's the Truffle Gelato, vanilla gelato with a hint of white truffle. Unfortunately, for me, the truffle aroma was a little too overpowering, but still acceptable though.

If you're having confusion on which dish you should have because I know all of them are tempting, don't worry, because you could have it all! You could simply order the Truff It Out Set for IDR 250.000, and you'll get the Street Truff Burger, Truffle Mac and Cheese, one choice of Truffle Cocktails, and a cup of Truffle Gelato. Best deal indeed!

And while you're here, of course don't forget to order their famous Naughty Fries (IDR 55.000) as they're very damn good. It tastes so Western yet so Indonesian, you know, with that minced beef, chilli sauce, and fried shallots on the top. Finger-lickin good!

Unfortunately, the Truff It Out Series will only available during December 2014 and January 2015. This is definitely not something you could miss, dear burger lovers and fancy truffle eaters. Get on your way now.

And a couple hours too early, but Merry Christmas everyone! Have a jolly Christmas :D

Three Buns
Jalan Senopati No.90
Jakarta 12190
ph. +62 21 29307780


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