Sunday, December 25, 2011

La Biere

Merry christmas everyone! Last night, me and my boyfriend David were having our christmas eve dinner at La Biere, Central Park Mall. We came there because of my sister's recommendation.
The place consists two parts, indoor and outdoor, divided by a large pedestrian way. We chose the indoor seat, since the outdoor is a smoking area. The interior was nice, using lots of wood material, but not too dark. I hate dark restaurants, you can barely see the menu!

They have Asian, Western, and Indonesian food in the menu. The price range from 40k to 130k. We ordered a Meatball Marinara Spaghetti (48k), Chicken Cordon Blue (48k), and a La Biere Fungi Pizza (48k). Personally, i think the seasoning of my spaghetti was too spicy and watery, but the meatballs were fine and the garlic breads was delicious! Too bad they didn't put garlic bread on the menu. haha.
As for the chicken cordon blue, the presentation was so standard, not attractive. But the taste was quite good. And the fungi pizza was also nice. Crunchy and cheesy, yum!

Overall, i like this restaurant, and i think i'll go for my second visit soon. :)

La Biere
Central Park Tribeca GF 09-10
Jalan Letjen. S. Parman Kav 28
Jakarta, Indonesia 11470

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