Friday, May 31, 2013

[Bangkok] Kin Ramen

I promised myself to finish my Bangkok post series by the end of May, so here I am posting our last dinner in Bangkok. We were waiting for our flight back to Jakarta at Suvarnabhumi Airport when we spotted this ramen place, and my sister got temped by their Tom Yam Ramen picture on the menu, so we decided to try it.

I was getting sick of Tom Yam, so me and my mom shared their Wonton Ramen (THB 270). It came with generous amount of pork slices and wontons, and the broth were pretty good too. But I should've trusted my sister's eyes, because her Tom Yam Ramen (THB 270) tasted really good. Very well seasoned and perfect sourness. In my opinion, that was the best tom yam broth we had in Bangkok.

Meanwhile, my father sticks with his personal favourite Japanese dish, Salmon Teriyaki Don (THB 320). I didn't try it, but it looks appetizing with that big and thick slice of salmon being perfectly grilled.

So this is how my Bangkok journey ended. I would definitely love to go there again someday, but now I'm saving for further destination. So stay tuned :D

Kin Ramen
Concourse F
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Bangkok, Thailand

Saturday, May 25, 2013

[Bangkok] Dragon Seafood

After trying the famous Somboon Seafood, the next day we did another seafood hunting for dinner. This time we tried Dragon Seafood, recommended by a friend of my mom who is also a shop owner in Mangga Dua. She went to Bangkok a lot and gave us a lot of recommendations, but Dragon Seafood is the nearest diner from where we stay. It is located in Ratchadamri road, across the Central World Plaza, which is only about fifteen minutes walk from our hotel in Pratunam.

The venue was not too big, the first floor was already full when we arrived, so we got seated at the second floor. The first floor was decorated in the warm red and black ornaments, which look like the old chinese house, while the second floor was much more brighter and simpler.

Not going to babbling too much, let's just get straight to the food.

Tom Yam Khung (M) (THB 380)
Well I was getting bored with Tom Yam, but not my parents. And luckily they decided to order this, because it was the best so far. Even though the prawns were not too big, but it was very fresh. And the soup was the richest amongst all we've tasted before.

Stir-fried Crab with Curry Sauce (THB 160 / 100gr)
I'm not being hyperbolic by saying that this was the best crab dish I've ever eaten in my life. Rich flavour, huge and fresh crab, perfection.

Stir-fried Prawn with Shanghai Sauce (THB 180 / 100gr)
Another great dish. The sauce was sweet and salty and also a little spicy. I just can't get enough of this.

Steamed Grouper with Lemon and Chilli Sauce (THB 150 / 100gr)
Steamed fish has never been my favourite. But even though this one is my least favourite among the other dishes, I have to say that it's quite good. 

In the end we spent more than THB 4000 (about IDR 1.300.000) for all the dishes above plus rice and drinks (we only drank water and tea). It was one of the most expensive dinner we've ever had, but we had no regret at all. The seafood they served were very fresh, and it's cook with perfection. I'll definitely going back here if I ever go to Bangkok again someday.

Dragon Seafood
Ratchadamri Road (across Central World Plaza)
Pathum Wan, Central Bangkok (CBD) 
Bangkok 10330

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Roemah Rempah

Spice is the ultimate secret of traditional Indonesian dishes. Spice is the reason that rendang awarded as one of the most delicious food in the world, and also the reason I've never cook traditional Indonesian food. The spices were just too complicated. But when the right type and amount of spices blend together, they tasted like heaven inside your mouth. 

Roemah Rempah, literally translated as the 'House of Spices', is offering IndoAsian food which is a combination between Indonesian and Asian food, but still very rich in spices. The venue is decorated beautifully with attractive cinnamon ornament at their front facade, and warm ambiance inside.

Their signature dishes were Kambing Guling (motton ribs) and Sirloin Cabe Ijo (sirloin served with green chilli). But we're not in the mood for red meat, so we ordered these instead:

Kepiting Soka Goreng Asam Pedas (IDR 85.000)
Deep fried soft shell crab served with spicy and sour sauce and mango salad

Sate Ayam Pak Gembul (IDR 43.000)
Indonesian chicken satay served with peanut sauce

Kangkung Sambal Terasi (IDR 37.000)
Sauteed water spinach with terasi seasoning

Tempe Bacem (IDR 15.000)
Braised tempe (fermented soy bean)

Overall, the food were good. The soft shell crab was a little chewy, but the sauce were great. Satay and water spinach were just fine. But for me, their tempe bacem was my favourite dish of the night. Not only tasted sweet as the other, this one got a hint of lemon there, which make it taste better.

Roemah Rempah
Plaza Senayan 4th floor
Jl. Asia Afrika no. 8
Jakarta 10270
ph. (021) 572 5813

Monday, May 13, 2013

[Bangkok] Somboon Seafood

Bangkok trip wouldn't be complete without trying the famous fried curry crab, so we visited Somboon Seafood, who claims their crab as the original fried curry crab. As far as I know, this restaurant is the most famous fried curry crab place amongst tourist. It has five branches, the one we visited is located at Bantadthong area.

The restaurant is sure big, it has two floors and can occupied more than three hundred visitors at once. When we came the first floor has been fully occupied, so we got seated in the second floor.

Here's what we had that night:

Tom Yam Goong
To be compared with the one we had before in Baan Khanitha, the tom yam here is lack of flavour. We can't taste anything but sour. But the prawns are quite generous and they were fresh.

Fried Curry Crab
Well this was our first encounter with fried curry crab, and I must say this one was quite different than what I expected. It is delicious, but for my personal taste, hmm I don't know how to say it in English, but Indonesian would describe it as 'kurang medok'. lol

Deep Fried Prawn Balls
It's good, love that they're not crushing all the prawns so we still can feel the prawn texture. This dish came with sauce, and my family said that the sauce was very good. Too bad I didn't took the picture of the sauce and didn't try it as well.

Deep Fried Grouper with Crispy Basil
Sorry for the messy picture. This dish came last and I forgot to take picture at first (my hand was busy with the crab ;p). But after taking a bite and realized how good it was, I just remembered to take a picture to share it here. This was my favourite dish of the night! The seasoning was dominated by the sour taste of lemons, and it perfectly blend with the crunchy and fresh grouper.

Again I didn't keep the bill, but we paid not more than 2000 THB for our dinner. Quite reasonable price, worth to try for tourist.

Somboon Seafood (Bantadthong Branch)
895/6-21 Soi Chula 8, Bantadthong Rd.,
Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel. 02-216-4203-5
Fax. 02-216-7999

Sunday, May 05, 2013

[Bangkok] Chocolate Ville

If you're looking for something different in Bangkok, Chocolate Ville might be a good option. While the others stick with Thai culture, this restaurant offers outdoor dining with old style European village ambiance. Just look at the pictures, I myself couldn't believe that I'm still in Bangkok while I'm inside.

Not only the ambience, the food they offered here were also western food. We didn't taste the main course since we're saving our belly for the famous seafood diner later, so here's what we had.

Coconut Juice and Iced Chocolate. I lost the bill and forgot the price, but this two were very refreshing in such a hot day.

Nachos. Nothing could ever go wrong with nachos. Their nachos came with generous amount of topping. Love it.

Well, that's all we had. I saw a lot of people ordering their spare ribs, almost got tempted to order the beautiful honey glazed ribs, but didn't happen. Maybe if I got the chance to visit it again someday.

Anyway, Chocolate Ville is located a little far from downtown. If you want to go there, it's better to print this map and give it to the driver.
แผนที่การเดินทางไป Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville
Kaset Nawamin Km. 11 Rd
Kasetnawamin Rd.
Bangkok, Thailand
Ph: 083-077-3738
Opening Hours: daily 4pm-midnight

Thursday, May 02, 2013

[Bangkok] Baan Khanitha by the River

Being a city with its own cultural treasures as well as a shopping heaven for girls, Bangkok has gain so much  popularity lately. Bangkok is not only attracting curiosity of the country nearby, but from all around the world. Me, one of the curious tourist, just got home from a trip to Bangkok with my family, so I will share some of our eating experiences there.

Baan Khanitha by the River is located at the front row of Asiatique the Riverfront area, directly facing Chao Praya river, the largest river in Bangkok. Asiatique itself is a huge night bazaar area occupied by up to 1500 shops and restaurants. The restaurant mostly located in the riverfront area, but most of them serve western food. Baan Khanitha is the only Thai restaurant we found there, and since we've already hungry and craving for Thai cuisine badly, we immediately rushed in. 

Jasmine Chinese Tea (THB 80)
Our beverages came in a very cute elephant clay teapot. Tasted just like ordinary jasmine tea.

Tom Yam Khung Nang (M) (THB 530)
It's our first dinner in Bangkok, of course we ordered the most famous Thai dish, Tom Yam Khung. This one  is using huge river prawn for the main ingredient, and it was not a disappointment at all. The prawn was fresh and the soup was just perfectly seasoned.

Gai Hor Bai Toey (THB 260)
Fried Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaf
Another Thai's signature dish, but this time it didn't meet my expectation. It needed more seasoning to meet my tastebud. I've tasted better Pandan Chicken here in Jakarta.

Khao Pad Talay (L) (THB 540)
Thai Seafood Fried Rice
I asked the waiter what size fit the four of us, and he said the large size (they served the dish in small, medium, and large size). When the dish came, the portion looks huge, but hungry us managed to finish it to the last grain of rice. It tasted good with generous seafood filling .

Our first dinner was very satisfying. Thanks Bangkok for the warm welcome :D

Tips : To get here, it is better to take BTS to Saphan Taksin station, and ride the free boat to Asiatique. The restaurant is located facing the boat dock, and this way, you can enjoy the beauty of Chao Praya river for free ;)

*1 THB = IDR 338

Baan Khanitha by the River (Asiatique)
2194 Room no.8, Charoen Krung Rd.
Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem
Bangkok 10140
ph. +662 108 4910-11
website : Baan Khanitha Thai Cuisine
opening hour : 5 pm till midnight
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