Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i miss singapore :(

Yes, just as the title said, I MISS SINGAPORE! Got stuck in a lot of assignments lately, and I want holiday soooo bad. So then I remembered my last holiday to singapore with my friends, and I missed it. The food, the city, the ambience, and of course that freedom we had back then. 
So I gonna post some Singapore food for today. Oh yes by the way, i'm addicted to food photography! I looove taking pictures of food, more than taking pictures of people and places. So you might find lots of food pictures here. Dont blame me if you get hungry! :)

carrot cake 

fried noodles 

singapore chicken rice!!! *drool*

singapore chicken noodles



chasiu noodles


char kueyteow

hotpot rice

mee shua with fishballs

super cuteee white grape can

$1 ice cream!

cakes nyumm

tori Q

  nasi lemak. my favourite breakfast :)

 roasted chicken noodle

 indian curry. sooo spicy

 dinner at vivo city

bringing home all the guilty pleasure  =3

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