Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Kopi O

Last week, I joined my mom and dad to go to my dad's factory at night to do some general checking. It was already late when it's done, and we were getting hungry. Since my dad's factory located in Tangerang, we decided to grab some food in Living World, Alam Sutera.
Unlike the other malls, Living World provided late night dining for the costumers. All the restaurants in the Ground Floor open until midnight, and they also had various selections. After a short walk, we decided to try My Kopi O. 
I first heard of this place from wanderbites, he wrote a good review for this restaurant that i suddenly remembered it when we passed by. And also, my mom always like kaya toast, so there we were.
Since it was already late, me and my dad decided to share a bowl of spaghetti mamak, and my mom, as usual, ordered the kaya toast.

Spaghetti Mamak
I'm glad we decided to share it, since it comes in a large portion. It was a spaghetti sauteed with sliced beef, eggs, tomatoes, and bean sprouts. I love the bean sprouts, it gave the crunchiness for the spaghetti, but i think noodles suits better than spaghetti for this kind of food. Spaghetti is just to rough.

Kaya Toast
I like this kaya toast better than Kopitiam's, simply because they didn't combine the kaya toast with french fries (which I thought a wierd combination), and because they used two slices of bread, instead of dividing a slice of bread into two and put the kaya jam in the middle. It becomes too thin in my opinion.
And also, the kaya jam was also more delicious and sweet-scented, because they combined it with pandan somehow. The bread was also perfectly toasted.

It's too bad Living World is kinda far. I will definitely be a loyal customers for the kaya toast if they opened an outlet near my house. :p

My Kopi O
Ground Floor Unit 35
Living World Alam Sutera

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

red velvet cupcake

Almost forgot to post this. Two days ago i made red velvet cupcakes for my valentine's present for David. It's kinda fail, but i want to post the picture anyway.

I followed a recipe from brown eyed baker. Her cupcakes look so tasty and mouthwatering. But not mine. As you can see, the frosting was too watery, and also the food coloring was too much, the cocoa paste too.  But i won't surrender. I'd like to try make it again soon. I hope next time would be better. :)


While waiting for Beatrice Quarters yesterday, we bought a cup of Creme Brulee Milk Tea with Big boba (23k) and a pack of Fried Chicken Popcorn (33k). The chicken popcorn was better than shihlin in my tastebud, the chicken was thicker, and it used some leaves and herb to make it spicy. The creme brulee milk tea was just fine. Here is the picture:

I'd like to buy the chicken popcorn again if I go to PIK someday. :)

Bobabits by Auntie Betsie
Ruko Crown Golf B2
Pantai Indah Kapuk

Beatrice Quarters

Happy belated valentine's day! Yes, I know I haven't finish my Manado food review, I've been busy with my final project stuff, so I'll continue my Manado food review later. But now I want to share about my valentine's day dinner.
Last night me and my bf David went to PIK for dinner. I've always wanted to go there more and more because there are so many new restaurants lately, but to get there, the traffic was such a pain in the ass. But since yesterday was special, I forced David to went there for dinner.
We got there around 7 o'clock, and it was really crowded. At first we'd like to try Smokey Ribs, but the waiting list was so long. There were lots of people standing in front of the restaurant, waiting to be seated. So we looked for another options, then there it was, Beatrice Quarters.

I've seen this restaurant in my friend's album in facebook, and always wanted to try it since then. The restaurant was also full when we came, but we were the first on the waiting list, so we agreed to wait. While waiting, we had snack at Bobabits, a bubble tea station nearby.
So finally we got seated, and started to order. This is what we ordered:

Single Chicken Teriyaki Rice Pizza (35k)
This was very delicious that I regretted we only ordered the small size. They serve it in two sizes actually, small and large. I think this was a perfect combination of Italian and Japanese food. I love how the mozarella cheese's taste actually blend with the chicken teriyaki and seaweed. 

Herbes Poultry (45k)
After eating the rice pizza, I think this one was just standard. It's a seasoned rice with Chicken breast, shitake mushrooms and spinach. Not bad, but definitely not better than the rice pizza.

And this is our picture there. David got me a polaroid for valentine and birthday present, so i got tacky and take pictures immediately. lol

So, great meal, great night, great company. Thanks for everything, D.

Beatrice Quarters
Ruko Crown Golf 26
Pantai Indah Kapuk
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