A Little About Natasha and The Daily Nut

Hello, welcome to The Daily Nut. I'm Natasha, the voice behind this blog.

On weekdays 9-6, I'm a 24 years old Jakarta-based full time architect. Away from work, I'm a happy daughter, a dog lover, a passionate traveler, and not forget to mention, an eater who always takes pictures of the food before eating. That's why I started this blog.

At the beginning, it was just for fun. As the time goes by, it becomes an addiction.

Now I found myself always equipped with my camera anywhere I go, trying to capture the best picture of everything I eat. And eating is also become more flavorful. Before there's only delicious and not delicious. Now it's not only that, there's also the presentation, texture, seasoning, ambiance, and so many things to be noted. Eating is complicated, but that's why it's interesting.

Moreover, now I'm not satisfied by only posting food in Jakarta. I want to travel, get lost, and taste food from all over Indonesia, and even from all around the world! Now my saving says no, but don't worry, I'm a very optimist person. The time will come, so stay tuned!

Bottom line, I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Thanks for dropping by :D

Natasha Pricilia


  1. hai Natasha, boleh minta kamu ngk? saya mau kirim invitation untuk kamu.. thanks

    1. Hi MS, untuk invitation boleh di email ke natasha.pricilia@yahoo.co.id
      thanks for dropping by ya :D


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