Friday, June 07, 2013

Martabak Manis Sinar Bulan

Martabak always reminds me of my childhood, when me and my sister waited for my father to come home after work and brought us a box of martabak. Or sometimes he brought us to the outlet to see the making of our favourite choco peanut martabak, because he knew we would loved to. And it's always been the same martabak outlet since we were kids until now: Martabak Sinar Bulan.

Nope, this one is not the super-famous-and-super-expensive Martabak Sinar Bulan in Muara Karang. The outlet is located at Tanjung Duren, occupying a humble corner across ILP English course. The owner is a kind uncle born in Bangka, and our family has been their loyal customer for a very long time that now his son has started to replace his father's position in the outlet. Oh and the owner and the Martabak Sinar Bulan in Grogol's owner are brothers, so probably their martabak taste similar. 

My father always says that their secret of delicious martabak lies in the stove. While others has started to use gas stove, they still stick with their old charcoal stove. It is believed that cooking martabak with charcoal stove will make the martabak cooked evenly (because the gas stove's heat is centralized in the middle), and make the aroma stronger. But I think making martabak with smile is their other secret. And don't forget cleanliness, here they always clean the station right after they finished with a box of martabak.

Our favourite is their Martabak Coklat Kacang/ Choco Peanut Martabak (regular IDR 45.000, special IDR 70.000). Well actually I prefer the Martabak Keju/ Cheese Martabak 
(regular IDR 50.000, special IDR 75.000), but my family likes choco peanut better, so the most voted always win. The differences between the regular and special martabak is the butter in the inner side. Regular martabak uses Blue Band, while the special one of course uses Wijsman Butter. The butter for the outer skin of the martabak here always uses Wijsman Butter.

Their other specialty is the Martabak Kering/ Crunchy Martabak (IDR 30.000). This one is filled with chocolate, peanut, and cheese. It tasted kinda like crepes, but made with martabak dough. And it's also slightly thicker and more crunchy.

Well I will skip explaining the taste in detail, you know we wouldn't be their loyal customer for more than twenty years if it doesn't taste that great. I cannot guarantee that this is the best in Jakarta, since I think Martabak Pecenongan is also great but I rarely go there, and I haven't taste Muara Karang's Sinar Bulan. But this one is definitely the best among all the martabak outlets and carts line in Tanjung Duren street. Go give it a try.

Martabak Manis Sinar Bulan Asli Bangka
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya
(Across ILP English Course, at the corner between Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya and Jl. Delima)
Jakarta Barat
ph. 08128087826
Opening hours : 16.00 - 23.00


  1. It is a mistake to view this post at night. Now all I want is a piece of that sexy martabak! :D

    1. hehe go get them! can you find any martabak in aussie? :)

  2. The lady owner mixed up the order of the queue and tried to lie to us, saying the other customer came first (we watched him make his order). Dishonest.

  3. The lady owner mixed up the order of the queue and tried to lie to us, saying the other customer came first (we watched him make his order). Dishonest.

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