Friday, October 07, 2011

the wedding invitation

A few days ago, we got an invitation from my mother's old friend. I don't know who is this friend, and i have no idea what's the bride and groom look like, but the invitation was cute, so i'd like to share it here. 
From the outside, the invitation was only a plain brown rectangle with an orange border surrounding the writing. (my mom said the color was pale, but personally, i like that color!) But when you open it, there's a figure of prince and princess inside. And the more you open it, the closer they'd get into each other. And finally they kissed each other, happily ever after~
Haha actually it's not that dramatic. But it's really cute, and i'd love to have an invitation like that for my wedding. 
Btw, to whoever you are, the-son-of-my-mother's-friend and his bride to be, 

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