Sunday, April 14, 2013

Luciole Bistro

 “We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink."

Imagine you're sitting with your best friend in a terrace, looking at the peaceful garden. While you're exchanging stories excitedly, you could still hear the sound of the running water, or feel the breeze wind slowly whiffling through you. Can you find such a place in a crowded city like Jakarta? Most people will say no. But no worries, luciole is now open for bussiness.

Located at the Tribeca Park, Luciole Bistro offers a cozy place to dine with almost 360 degrees of garden view. The tall black-listed window is circling all over the dining area, working together with the transparent canopies to maximize the sunlight. The interior is also monochrome, furnitures are all in black and white, so the random colorful floor tiles could stand out. Numbers of black lamps are hanging elegantly, I could imagine how it will light warmly at the night, representing the 'luciole' name itself, which means fireflies.

Friday afternoon, lunch time. I came here with my bestie. Only a few table occupied when we arrived, but soon enough, it's getting packed with curious customer like us. Accompanying our chit chat is the Hot Tea (IDR 20.000), presented in a beautiful transparent teacup and plate.

Hungry us decided to skip appetizer and went straight  to the main course. I chose one of their specialty dish, Pan Roasted Chicken with Potato Lasagna (IDR 55.000), also served with cherry tomatoes, sauteed green beans, tomato sauce, and olive oil sauce. Overall it was good, the chicken was well seasoned, although a little more seasoning could make it better I think. But for me, the hero of the dish is the potato lasagna. Oh pardon me and my love for creamy food. I enjoyed the potato lasagna more than other things served on the plate. I love how they only used the white sauce for the lasagna, and filled it with a little cauliflower.

Not only serving western food, Luciole also offers a few Indonesian food selections. My bestie went for Nasi Greget (IDR 47.000). Cone-shaped white rice, served with boneless chicken with green chilli seasoning, balado potatoes, fried anchovies, corn fritter, and not to forget a shrimp cracker. I only tried the chicken, and it was good. The seasoning's no too hot, but still spicy.

I can't find the dessert selections in the menu book, I don't know whether I didn't search well or it's still not available for now. Oh a little tips, if you came here at noon, find a seat at the right side of the entrance. I went for the left side, which looks more beautiful and bright, but the room is a little hot, maybe because the transparent canopies above.

Luciole Bistro
ph. 021 - 2920 0333
f. Luciole Bistro

Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday    10.00 am - 24.00 am
Friday - Saturday      10.00 am - 02.00 am


  1. so up to date!!
    going to visit this by tomorrow.. the pan roasted chicken looks so tempting!!

    1. LOL I happened to work in this area, so I tried it immediately several days after the opening. Yupp the presentation was really tempting, go try it, let me know if you like it or not :D

    2. Really??? It must be one constant battle between to eat or not to eat before or after work at cp! Will try it by tomorrow...i think i already fell in love just by reading your review :D

  2. Pan roasted chicken makes my tummy hungry :(

    Nice review!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Pan roasted chicken will also fulfil your tummy and make it happy :)

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I see you have a great blog yourself, mind if I link it?


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