Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Outback Steakhouse

I've always had an eye for Outback Steakhouse since long ago. Unfortunately, none of their three branches in Jakarta (Ratu Plaza, Pondok Indah, and Kuningan) located near my house, so I haven't got time to try it. Until last April, Outback Steakhouse finally made it's first appearance on Disdus! I immediately bought two vouchers, each voucher worthed IDR 200.000 at the price of IDR 110.000.  

Last week I went to their newest outlet in Kuningan City to redeem my voucher. It is located at the ground floor, right next to the entrance. The venue was very spacious, the ceiling is high, and direct sunlight from the outside strikes through the facade window and brought us warmth. The interior was simple and elegant, mainly dominated by the wooden pattern combined with black color.

We were greeted by the compliment bread. I don't know whether I was really hungry, or this bread really tasted great. It's a wheat bread, but it's warm and soft and chewy and I wanted to ask for more!

My main course was the Ribeye Steak (IDR 229.000 for 8oz), served with two side dishes. It was said in the menu that the steak is seasoned and seared with their 17 secret seasoning blend, and they won't keep it secret if it's for nothing. That is excactly how a steak should be, tender and juicy and the spices blended perfectly with the meat that we don't need any sauce to compliment it.

As for side dishes, Outback Steakhouse offers four side dishes to be selected: Green Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes, French Fries, and Pilaf Rice. I chose their Mashed Potatoes and Pilaf Rice. The mashed potatoes was superb! It's not all crushed, you can still taste the rough potato texture between the soft potatoes. Well seasoned, and the gravy was also delightful. Pilaf rice tasted a little spicy, but still good.

David chose Ribs and Alice Springs Chicken (IDR 229.900) for his main course. Alice springs chicken is a flame grilled chicken breast topped with sauteed mushrooms, crisp strips of beef bacon, melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar and finished with honey mustard sauce. While for the ribs, it's said in the menu that each rack is smoked, grilled to perfection, and brushed in a tangy BBQ sauce. Well each words in that line are amazingly true. 

Our lunch experience in Outback Steakhouse was indeed very satisfying. The price wasn't cheap at all, for our meals and drinks we paid with the disdus vouchers worth IDR 400.000 plus we have to add almost IDR 200.000 in cash (oh I should have bought three vouchers instead!).  But it's all worth it, great meal doesn't come in cheap price, right?

Outback Steakhouse
Kuningan City Mall G11-G15 Ground Floor J 
Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 18 
Jakarta Selatan 12940 
Ph: (6221) 30480505
Fax: (6221) 30480501
Web: Outback Steakhouse


  1. totally worth for every penny! yummy..
    toowomba is must try on your next visit! so yummeh

    1. wahh I knew I should try that instead. looks tempting, but quite expensive ya -.-
      will do on my next visit, thanks for your recommendation! :D


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