Thursday, June 13, 2013

Djournal Coffee

I'm not a big fan of coffee and desserts, but I'm definitely a fan of Ismaya Group. So a couple weeks ago I went to their second newest outlet in town, Djournal Coffee, to try their happening Nutella Cake. Unlucky me, the barista said that their Nutella Cake was not available that time. A little disappointed, I took a short glance at their available cakes selection, and went for their Gingerbread Tiramisu (IDR 22.727). And I also ordered Iced Salted Caramel (IDR 35.455) to accompany my cake.

It turned out that my Gingerbread Tiramisu tasted very good! The texture is soft, and its not too mushy like other tiramisu. The gingerbread itself is well balancing the cake with its crunchy texture and strong ginger taste. I love love love love it! I usually cannot finish a portion of tiramisu by myself, because it's too mushy and creamy (I love creamy food, but savoury creamy, not the sweet one), but after finishing this cake by myself, I think I could still go for second round. lol.

Their Iced Salted caramel was also good, I love that even though it has 'caramel' on the name, the coffee taste still came strong, but not overpowering the salted caramel. As always, Ismaya has never let me down on their food, concept, and ambience. Next destination is Colette and Lola, so hang in there and wait for the story!

Djournal Coffee
Grand Indonesia, West Mall
Jakarta - Indonesia
ph. 021 23581835

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