Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Manado Trip 2013 - Day Three

On our last night in Manado, we stayed at Sintesa Peninsula Hotel. The hotel was very nice, located up on the hill so we can see the Manado city view beautifully from up above. I forgot to take picture of our room, but it's very spacious and comfortable. One little thing, the hotel is a 5 star hotel, but it was originally a hospital, and that fact made me a little scary. But thankfully nothing weird happened during our stay.

Manado city view at the morning. The mountain at the back is Mt. Lokon.

And here's the night's city lights.

Our third day in Manado was basically a culinary day. I forgot to take picture of the hotel's breakfast because we were in rush, but the breakfast were good. It offered various kind of food, from traditional breakfast such as tinutuan to western style breakfast.

Our first stop is the traditional cake hunting at Lililoyor Market. It was previously a street full of shops before, but now there's only a few shops selling traditional cakes, due to the government rule. But it still got wide selection of traditional cakes and cookies. It only opens in the morning, and closed as soon as they ran out of cakes, so the earlier the better.

For lunch we went to city extra. I've written a review for this place before (read it here), so I won't be long. But it seems like I've found a new favourite, the Squid Ink Woku! Yap it's the black one at the center.

Afternoon view from City Extra

My personal favourite daydreaming spot

After lunch we went to Rumah Kopi Bintang Wayang (Bintang Wayang Coffee House) which (I just found out) actually share the same ownership with Rumah Kopi Gembira at Kawangkoan, which I also have reviewed last year (read here). It's very exciting to be able to get my favourite pork bun here in Manado, especially when we weren't make it to Kawangkoan the day before.

The heavenly pork bun

And the coffee milk, made by the owner herself. The blurry face behind is the owner, who actually happened to be a friend of my mother, and has ran this coffee house for more than twenty years.

After the heavenly pork bun, pleasant coffee, and long chitchat, it's time for another round of dessert. Here's es kacang from Nyiur restaurant (read previous review here), perfect closing for the 2013 Manado trip.

Pasar Lililoyor (Lililoyor Market)
Jl. Sudirman 4
Manado, Indonesia

City Extra
Jl. Raya Tanawangko, Desa Kalasey
Manado, Indonesia

RM Bintang Wayang
Jl. Wayang
Manado, Indonesia

Nyiur RestaurantJl. Piere Tendean Boulevard, ManadoPhone: (0431) 857-700

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