Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ilha Formosa

Last saturday, me and David were wandering around Pantai Indah Kapuk area (again), looking for a late lunch. This time David said that he's looking for something chinese, and so we ended up coming in to Ilha Formosa. 

A little trivia, Ilha Formosa is the former name of the Taiwan island, created by the Portuguese when they first came in 1544, which means "beautiful island". So as the name said, this restaurant is serving Taiwanese food, which is tempted for us. But later after we got seated, we found out that the kind of Taiwanese food they served is the authentic one. As far as I remember, the a la carte menu is mostly serving various kind of food cooked with wine, arak, and other medicinal herbs. 

We never tried that kind of food, and not tempted to, so we went for their rice menu. I chose Braised Pork Rice with Egg (IDR 40.000), which is recommended by the waiter, and David chose Taiwanese Braised Chicken Rice (IDR 40.000).

The waiter told me that I should mix the rice and the braised pork together to get maximum delicacy, and I did it. And my braised pork rice turned out unexpectedly delicious! David said that the spice tasted like medicine, but somehow I like it. In the other hand, David's braised chicken tasted kinda dense for me but he said he's quite like it.

The service was also quite nice here, the waiters were friendly, and they came to asked how the food tasted, so I said it's good. So if you're looking for authentic taiwanese food, there you go. 

Ilha Formosa
Rukan Cordoba G no.1
(Seberang Waterboom)
Pantai Indah Kapuk
ph. 021 56983535

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