Friday, January 27, 2012

[Manado] Nyiur Restaurant

Its time for Manado food review! We arrived in Manado at noon, so we went directly for lunch. My auntie suggested this Nyiur place, I've never eaten there before, but my mom said yes immediately. She said that she was there once before, and the food were great.

I was starving that time (because the bread from the airplane was sucks), and thanks God, this restaurant have most of their dishes done, so all we have to do is pointing our finger to the food we wanted. So these are our selection:

Ayam Rica Rabe  (Shredded chicken with chilli seasoning)

Singkong Santan (Steamed Cassava with Coconut Milk Sauce)

Telor Cakalang Woku (Tuna Egg with Woku Sauce)

Popare Isi (Stuffed Pare)

Tumis Bunga Popaya ( Sauteed Papaya Flower) 

Perkedel Jagung (Indonesian Crispy Corn Fritters)

Sate Ayam Rica (Spicy Chicken Satay)

Es Kacang Alpukat Duren
(Manado Style Shaved Ice with Red Bean, Durian,Avocado, and Chocolate Sauce)

I couldn't eat the vegetables, they were so bitter, but the adults love them. The tuna egg was wierd for my tastebud, and the woku sauce (it's Manado typical sauce) was too spicy. The corn fritters and shreeded chicken were nice, but for me, the highlight of the day was the Sate Ayam Rica. Even though i'm not into spiciness, i think the seasoning was delicious. I even came back there three days after our first visit for that satay. Oh, and the Es Kacang was a perfect dessert, although for mine, i didn't order it with durian and avocado.

Nyiur Restaurant

Jl. Piere Tendean Boulevard, Manado
Phone: (0431) 857-700

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