Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Manado] Rumah Kopi Gembira

After the great meal we had in Tondano, we still had one more food destination: Rumah Kopi Gembira at Kawangkoan. Kawangkoan is another sub-district, it's about 30 minutes more ride from Tondano. On the way to Kawangkoan, we passed by the famous Tondano Lake. It is the second biggest lake in Indonesia, after the Toba Lake.

Then we arrived at Rumah Kopi Gembira. It is crowded, as usual. It's always crowded, especially on weekends. Manado's citizen just love to ride 2,5 hours to this coffeehouse, having coffee/tea, some breads, and nuts, and go straight home. Yeah, that's how this coffeeshop worth it, 2,5 hours ride. Amazing, isn't it?

So these are what we ordered there:
Bakpao Babi (Biapong Ba in Manadonese, Pork Bun(?) in English)
I am a big fan of Manado's Pork Bun. There are a lot of Pork Bun makers and sellers in Manado, but for me, this is the best pork bun ever. This is the reason I always asked my parents to go here everytime we go to Manado. The bun is soft and the pork inside had the best taste. I've tasted numbers of various pork buns in Manado, but nothing can be compared with this one. By the way, Manado's pork bun is different with chasiu pao. It used not the red meat, and it always had a piece of egg inside. Some use lard inside, some don't. I prefer no lard.

Kaya Toast
My mom doesn't like pork, so she ordered this. I think their kaya toast is very traditional. They made the bread and the kaya jam themself. The bread was rough, like the old time bread, and the kaya jam feels pure. Personally, I don't like rough bread, but my mom likes it.

Coffee Milk 
This is a nice company. It warmth our body in the middle of the cold weather in Kawangkoan. (Yes, Tondano and Kawangkoan is located in the mountain, so it's cold)

After satisfying our belly with such a nice snack, we went home. On our way home, we passed Tondano again, and my grandma would like to buy some flowers. Tondano's cold weather makes it a perfect place to grow flowers, so there are some flower kiosk just on the side of the road. Here are the pictures. Enjoy :)

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