Friday, March 01, 2013

Pesca -- Homemade Italian Ice Cream Cake

"Tomorrow we can eat broccoli, but today is for Ice Cream"

That quote was written on Pesca's flyer, an ice cream shop I visited a few days ago. Me and David were just having our dinner in Pesanggrahan area, heading to my house, when we passed this ice cream shop and suddenly decided to give it a try. And let me give you a hint, it is worth to try.

When we enter the humble shophouse, our eyes were spoiled with colorful and cute ice creams on the display. Pesca offers various kind of ice cream, starts from the ordinary ice cream in the cup and on a stick, to their creative invention such as cupcake ice cream, mochi ice cream, le petit rocher (round shaped ice cream, looks like the famous ferrero rocher chocolate), rainbow ice cream, and much more variants.

After a long time deciding which ice cream we should try (since all of them looks yummy), we went for Sandwich Ice Cream (IDR 25.000) and Mocca Cupcake Ice Cream (IDR 12.500). I like them both! The mocca cupcake ice cream was crunchy on the outside, and the mocca flavor was delicious, got a hint of coffe, and not too sweet. The sandwich ice cream was actually a strawberry cheesecake ice cream flavored, sandwiched between two cookies. I love the flavor, creamy taste from the cheesecake, and a little sourness from the strawberry. Very refreshing. But the cookies was not crunchy anymore when we ate them.

I am not a big fan of ice cream, but now I'm a fan of Pesca's ice cream. Cute shape, delicious flavor, who could resist such beauty?

Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya 6C
Kembangan, Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat
ph. (021) 5801455

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