Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Manado] City Extra

I haven't finished my manado food adventure since January, so here it is!

City Extra is our favourite seafood restaurant in Manado. Manado is a seafront city, so there are tons of seafood restaurants, but everytime we go to Manado, we just have to have dinner at City Extra, at least once. (We went twice this time)

The restaurant's located just on the edge of the sea, so we could see the Celebes Sea and The Manado Tua island from right where we eat, if we go there in the afternoon. But we were having dinner that time, so the view is the city lights across the bay.

So me and my sister's favourite is the Sweet and Sour Crab (Kepiting Asam Manis). Their sweet and sour sauce is the best I've ever tasted, just thinking about it right now making me droll.

Meanwhile, my mom and dad's favourite is the Grilled Snapper Fish Head (Kepala Kakap Bakar Rica). The fish head was huge, the fish meat was perfectly grilled, and the Rica (chilli) seasoning is what made Manado famous for. I kinda like it, although I usually don't like spicy food.

The Grouper Fish Salad (It's Goropa Saladu in Manadonese, and Salad Ikan Kerapu in Indonesian) is another Manado's specialty. Almost every seafood restaurant in Manado have this in their menu. But in my opinion, City Extra's saladu is just average. The appearance is too pale, not appealing. But the taste was just okay.

Woku Fish is Manado's, again, specialty. The grouper saladu is a modern fusion, while the woku is a traditional seasoning since a long long ago, so not only the modern seafood restaurant have it on their menu, almost all manadonese restaurant do. But for me, it's too spicy, I can't handle it.

That was what we had for our first dinner. Several days after, we got back there for dinner, again, and ordered the Sweet and Sour Crab and the Grilled Snapper Head, again. But we also ordered some different things.

This is Fried Calamari. Not  my favourite. The squid were too thick and it's not crunchy. Unfortunately, the portion was so BIG that we have to take it home.

Chicken Satay. This one was great, we ordered it several times before, and everybody likes it.

And the last, Grilled Prawn. This was also delicious. As a seafront seafood restaurant, of course the prawns were fresh and juicy. But it comes in small portion, only four prawns in a plate. To compare it with the calamari, it's just not fair!

So if you ever go to Manado someday, don't forget to try the seafood. This one is my recommendation! :)

Note: One thing I have to remind you, these seafood restaurants in Manado took so long for their cooking time, so it's better if you order by phone first

City Extra
Jl. Raya Tanawangko, Desa Kalasey
Manado, Indonesia

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