Sunday, March 31, 2013


Meet the first and still the most wanted red velvet in Jakarta. Since it's first appearance on mid-2011 until this very moment where red velvet can be found easily anywhere (even BreadTalk is now serving this cake), Union's still remains to be my (and maybe everyone's) favourite. Four layers of  moist chocolate based cake, cream cheese frosting, and crunchy caramelized nut topping at the price of IDR 50.000. Heaven!

The fact is, even though I've had Union's red velvet for countless times, this was my first time dining in. Usually I won't bother waiting, I'll just take away the cake and eat it at home. But this time we waited 40 minutes just to got seated. Luckily we don't have to wait in boredom. We just have to register our name and leave our phone number at the front desk, and they'll call us when the table's ready. Meanwhile, we can do the shopping ;p

At first we only planned to have dessert, since we've had our lunch before, but in the end, we also ordered a plate of Calamari (IDR 75.000). Portion was very generous, too much for two people. It tasted good, love the tomato sauce.

Service was very satisfying. The waiter were friendly and polite. One tips, if you're not a smoker, came here before 3 PM. 

Plaza Senayan Courtyard, Ground Floor 
(Inside SOGO Dept. Store)
Jl. Asia Afrika no.8 
Jakarta, Indonesia
ph. +6221 5790 5861-62

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