Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Manado] Ananas Cafe

It was our second day in Manado and we planned to go to Tondano. Tondano is a small town located in the south of Manado. It's famous for the huge tondano lake and of course, the food! 

It's two hours ride from Manado to Tondano, so we decided to grab some breakfast in Manado. There was a new popular cafe in town, called Ananas, so we went to try their food. It's not that new actually. It was already there when I went to Manado last year, but it's not that popular back then. 

When you talk about Cafe in Manado, you won't find coffee or tea or muffins or croissant. What you'll find is a huge selections of Manado's traditional cakes, like panada, lalampa, cucur, klapertaart, and a lot more. For the beverages, they usually have Es Kacang.

That morning, my father had tinutuan for breakfast, and my mom picked lalampa and lumpia, while I chose banana fritters and nike, and my sister, who doesn't really like Manado's food, chose fried noodles. Yeah, I know you guys doesn't get any ideas about what I talk about other than banana fritters and fried noodles, so here are the picture.

Tinutuan is a vegetable porridge, in simple words. It is a combination of corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach and water spinach, and a lot more ingredients that I don't know, but it's all vegetables. Yeah it looks scary, but I think it tasted quite delicious. It is a very healthy Manado's traditional breakfast. Usually people eat it with Cakalang Fish (I think it's kinda like tuna), Nike, and Manado's traditional chilli sauce, Bakasang.

Lumpia and Lalampa
The lumpia was filled with carrots and beans, eggs, and peanuts. And the lalampa is a sticky ricecake filled with spicy cakalang. I personally doesn't like lalampa, but lumpia is okay for me.

Perkedel Nike
Perkedel Nike is somehow like anchovy fritters, but it's not anchovies, it's nike. This is one of my favourite Manado's food, and Ananas' nike was delicious. Behind the nike is the bakasang sauce, which I can't handle the spiciness.

Banana Fritters
What's the different between Manado's banana fritters with the others? The different is, you eat it with bakasang. My friend once said that Manado people are so wierd to eat banana fritters with chilli, but after she tasted it, she's addicted to it and asked me to bring it to Jakarta the next time I went to Manado. lol. But because I don't like bakasang, I just ate the fritters.

Fried Noodles
What should I said about this? It's just ordinary fried noodles. You don't have to go to Manado for this. Haha

That's a little information about Manado's breakfast, but I think Ananas' food was just ordinary, the Nike is the only above average food in my opinion. I don't understand why it's so popular. Maybe because their various selections, or their classic modern interior (which is not really good imo, but Manado doesn't have many fancy restaurants or cafe, so maybe that works).

Ananas Cafe and Resto
Jl. B.W. Lapian no. 34, Manado

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