Saturday, January 11, 2014

[Event] PS4 Press Release Event

Happy new year everyone! Still in the mood of new year, I'm going to share something new with you. But yes, this time it's not food, meet the brand new Sony PlayStation4!

Being an early 90th kid, I grew up playing PlayStation since I was in elementary school. I was just a normal gamer girl who played puzzle bubble and bishi bashi on my PS until I played my first Final Fantasy game: Final Fantasy IX and fell in love deeply with the series. Since then I would consider myself an RPG freak, I have played numbers of RPG games on my PS and PS2. I really would love to get myself a PS3 but my family were against it saying it's such a waste of money and I couldn't play it anyway with my busy college life that time (And they were right because as an architect student, I barely have time to sleep). So as much as I want to, I still haven't own my PS3 until now, and yet the PS4 has arrived. Loving the PlayStation series so much, of course I couldn't say no when BBlog and Sony Indonesia gave me the opportunity to attend the PS4 Launching event at the Ritz Carlton Jakarta.

The event started with Mr. Hiroshi Sakai -- Head of Marketing Division Sony Indonesia and Mr. Hiroyuki Oda -- Vice Pesident of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan giving their opening speeches, explaining the feature and facts about PS4, like that it is now becoming the most popular game console in the world, with 4.2 million units sold by December 28th 2013. Or like their new Dualshock 4 Controller, which has a touchpad, new analog thumb sticks, new shoulder buttons, new larger look and feel, new light bar, new integrated speaker, integrated headphone jack, new Share button. And like the remote play system, which allowing PS Vita to be the second screen. Isn't that great? Anyway, after the speech and product brief, Mr. Hiroyuki Oda and Mr. Hiroshi Sakai officially launched the PS4 in Indonesia! 

After the launching of PS4, Sony is handing over the PS4 for their three fastest pre-order customers, and also give them a PS Vita TV and ten years of PlayStation Plus membership as a bonus for being a loyal customer. What a gift! And after that there's a PS4 demo by the Sony Team Indonesia, and we participants can also try the PS4 and PS Vita TV in the available booths. Unfortunately I didn't try it because the booths were full all the time, but looking at the graphics, it's really d*mn good.

At the end of the day, Sony also handing over three door prizes, two PS Vita TV and a Playstation 4. Unexpectedly, I am the one lucky blogger who won the PS Vita TV! Yay! Well I've never consider myself a lucky girl, I win myself almost nothing when it comes to lucky dip or door prizes, but this beginning of 2014 has proved me wrong. Thanks Sony Indonesia and BBlog! 

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If you're interested to buy your own PS4, it's now available in Indonesia at the price of IDR 6.999.000. They also have the bundling package with PlayStation Camera for IDR 7.399.000 or the bundling package with Killzone: Shadow Fall oe Battlefield 4 games for IDR 7.499.000.

The new PS Vita and PS Vita TV will also be released on January 16th at the price of IDR 3.299.000 for PS Vita and IDR 1.799.000 for PS Vita TV. 

Lastly, here's an article to let you know why you should buy PS4: Top 10 Most Exciting Features on PS4, and if you can't wait to try, visit the PS4 Roadshow at Gandaria City Jakarta (11-12 Januari 2014) Living World Mall Tangerang (18-19 Januari 2014) and Surabaya (25-26 Januari 2014). 




    1. Ahahah yupp, didn't expect that coming though. Biasanya ga pernah dapet doorprize :(


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