Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bene Ristorante

Bene Ristorante is an Italian Restaurant located in Living World Alam Sutera. I am actually a regular visitor of the mall, but honestly I've never seen this restaurant before because it's located far at the end of the mall (near Bon Chon Chicken and Kafe Betawi area), and the music stage in front of the place kinda hinder it. But thanks to the food tasting invitation, I've got the chance to get to know more of Bene Ristorante and taste their food, which is actually good!

The food they serve here is mostly Italian, but they also have some interesting fusion menu to try. One of their specialty is the Pizza, which comes in three different sizes: Single Fighter (fit for 1-2 persons), Gossiper (fit for 3-4 persons), and the 1 Metre Pizza (1 metre long pizza with 3 different toppings). The 1 metre pizza really sounds fun to eat with your best buddies, isn't it?

Patate Fritte Alla Bolognese (IDR 37.000)
Thick-cut potato french fries topped with bolognese sauce, melted mozzarella, and yellow cheddar cheese. An awesome starter! I've always loved thick-cut french fries, now even better, it came with generous bolognese sauce and cheese. The beef bolognese sauce is really good, the sweet and sour taste are perfectly balanced. 

Paella Pasta (IDR 55.000)
Inspired by the famous Spanish dish, the pasta is tossed with curry-saffron paste, sauteed seafood, and shredded kafir lime leaves. This was my favorite dish of the night. Pasta was al-dente, while the saffron curry sauce is very rich and fragrant. A new way to eat your pasta, I'm definitely addicted to this.

Bene Classico Pizza, Single Fighter Size (IDR 71.000)
It is the specialty of Bene Ristorante. The Pizza is topped with homemade tomato sauce, grilled chicken breast, jalapeno pepper, pineapple, onion, melted mozzarella cheese, drizzled with mayonnaise and garnished with chopped beef bacon. I really like the pizza dough, it's thick and fluffy, the topping was also nice but it's just not my kind of pizza, since I don't like jalapeno and onion.

Iced Strawberry Caipiroska (IDR 39.000)
My drink that night, a nice iced tea with lime, strawberries, and mint leaves. Lovely presentation, it tasted cold and fresh.

Panetone all 'Aanas (IDR 32.000)
Lastly we were served with the dessert. It is basically a hot pineapple bread pudding, served with cold white cream sauce. It tasted quite decent, but the inside of the pudding was kinda mushy and it would be better if they add more pineapple slices to add the flavor.

After tasting several menu of theirs, I find all the food were nice and decent, and some even very good! That's just a little of them I've tasted, I'd really love to come back and try the other menus. And it's also a nice place if you like live music since it's located near the stage. I came there on Friday night and the band was really nice. Thank you Bene Ristorante for having me.

Bene Ristorante 
Living World Alam Sutera G 71
Jl. Alam Sutera Bulevar Kav. 21
ph. (021) 29239570

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