Monday, January 20, 2014

Paulaner Bräuhaus

Everyone's favourite German restaurant in Jakarta, Paulaner Brauhaus, has been back to business last November, finally! After being closed for quite a long time, now they are back in the new location, ready to serve all of us.

The new place is still located at East Mall Grand Indonesia, but it's still quite hard to reach, due to the ongoing renovation at the moment. To get here, you have to go to Gramedia Bookstore and go down with the escalator inside the bookstore. Or if you have a driver, you could be dropped at the SOHO Lobby and go up from the escalator there.

The interior is still decorated with the Bavarian Bar concept. The venue is spacious, divided into smoking and no smoking area. In the non smoking area you can enjoy live music at the stage, while in the smoking area you can enjoy the beautiful view of Bundaran HI. That night the place was fully occupied so I didn't take any good pictures, but I managed to take a shot of this bar area, where they served the beer right from the tap.

Iced Lemon Tea (IDR 35.000) and Mango Beer 0.3 L (IDR 84.000)
Beer is definitely Paulaner's specialty. I'm not a fan of beer, but Paulaner's mango beer is quite different, it's not too bitter, and it tasted nice and fresh. And the Iced Lemon Tea came in perfect sour and sweetness, love it.

Paulaner Platter (IDR 275.000)
A portion of Paulaner Platter is meant for two persons, consists poached smoked pork chop, 1 Debrecener sausage, meatloaf, 2 Vienna Sausages, 2 Nuremberg Sausages and crispy pork knuckle served with Sauerkraut and mashed potato. My favourite among the plate would be the Vienna Sausages and of course the Crispy Pork Knuckles! The Vienna Sausages are the ones lying horizontally at the bottom of my picture, it was soft but a little chewy, and tasted really good. While the pork knuckle has perfectly crispy skin with juicy and succulent pork meat inside. The other components were also decent, there's also Sauerkraut, fermented cabbage dish which tasted sour but refreshing.

Emperors Pancake with Apple Compote (IDR 55.000)
Perfect dessert to end our dinner date. Sweet, warm, and fluffy pancake topped with raisins and almonds, served with apple compote, whipped cream, and raspberry sauce. Love love everything on the plate!

FYI, Paulaner also has the Reopening Offers, valid until 31 January 2014:

Casual Monday: discount 25% for lunch and dinner and everything in between (every Monday)

Not a Quickie: Order a main course, free starter or soup or dessert (Lunch - Tuesday to Friday)
Midnight Madness: for every Beer ordered, the next is on the house (Tuesday to Thursday from 10pm onwards)

So grab it fast guys before it's too late :D

Paulaner Bräuhaus Jakarta
Floor 2 East Mall Grand Indonesia
Jl. MH. Thamrin 1
Central Jakarta
Ph. 23583871
Fb. Paulaner Brauhaus Jakarta

Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 11.30am to 00.30am
Friday - Saturday: 11.30am to 01.30am

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