Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Roemah Rempah

Spice is the ultimate secret of traditional Indonesian dishes. Spice is the reason that rendang awarded as one of the most delicious food in the world, and also the reason I've never cook traditional Indonesian food. The spices were just too complicated. But when the right type and amount of spices blend together, they tasted like heaven inside your mouth. 

Roemah Rempah, literally translated as the 'House of Spices', is offering IndoAsian food which is a combination between Indonesian and Asian food, but still very rich in spices. The venue is decorated beautifully with attractive cinnamon ornament at their front facade, and warm ambiance inside.

Their signature dishes were Kambing Guling (motton ribs) and Sirloin Cabe Ijo (sirloin served with green chilli). But we're not in the mood for red meat, so we ordered these instead:

Kepiting Soka Goreng Asam Pedas (IDR 85.000)
Deep fried soft shell crab served with spicy and sour sauce and mango salad

Sate Ayam Pak Gembul (IDR 43.000)
Indonesian chicken satay served with peanut sauce

Kangkung Sambal Terasi (IDR 37.000)
Sauteed water spinach with terasi seasoning

Tempe Bacem (IDR 15.000)
Braised tempe (fermented soy bean)

Overall, the food were good. The soft shell crab was a little chewy, but the sauce were great. Satay and water spinach were just fine. But for me, their tempe bacem was my favourite dish of the night. Not only tasted sweet as the other, this one got a hint of lemon there, which make it taste better.

Roemah Rempah
Plaza Senayan 4th floor
Jl. Asia Afrika no. 8
Jakarta 10270
ph. (021) 572 5813

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