Monday, May 13, 2013

[Bangkok] Somboon Seafood

Bangkok trip wouldn't be complete without trying the famous fried curry crab, so we visited Somboon Seafood, who claims their crab as the original fried curry crab. As far as I know, this restaurant is the most famous fried curry crab place amongst tourist. It has five branches, the one we visited is located at Bantadthong area.

The restaurant is sure big, it has two floors and can occupied more than three hundred visitors at once. When we came the first floor has been fully occupied, so we got seated in the second floor.

Here's what we had that night:

Tom Yam Goong
To be compared with the one we had before in Baan Khanitha, the tom yam here is lack of flavour. We can't taste anything but sour. But the prawns are quite generous and they were fresh.

Fried Curry Crab
Well this was our first encounter with fried curry crab, and I must say this one was quite different than what I expected. It is delicious, but for my personal taste, hmm I don't know how to say it in English, but Indonesian would describe it as 'kurang medok'. lol

Deep Fried Prawn Balls
It's good, love that they're not crushing all the prawns so we still can feel the prawn texture. This dish came with sauce, and my family said that the sauce was very good. Too bad I didn't took the picture of the sauce and didn't try it as well.

Deep Fried Grouper with Crispy Basil
Sorry for the messy picture. This dish came last and I forgot to take picture at first (my hand was busy with the crab ;p). But after taking a bite and realized how good it was, I just remembered to take a picture to share it here. This was my favourite dish of the night! The seasoning was dominated by the sour taste of lemons, and it perfectly blend with the crunchy and fresh grouper.

Again I didn't keep the bill, but we paid not more than 2000 THB for our dinner. Quite reasonable price, worth to try for tourist.

Somboon Seafood (Bantadthong Branch)
895/6-21 Soi Chula 8, Bantadthong Rd.,
Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel. 02-216-4203-5
Fax. 02-216-7999

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