Thursday, May 02, 2013

[Bangkok] Baan Khanitha by the River

Being a city with its own cultural treasures as well as a shopping heaven for girls, Bangkok has gain so much  popularity lately. Bangkok is not only attracting curiosity of the country nearby, but from all around the world. Me, one of the curious tourist, just got home from a trip to Bangkok with my family, so I will share some of our eating experiences there.

Baan Khanitha by the River is located at the front row of Asiatique the Riverfront area, directly facing Chao Praya river, the largest river in Bangkok. Asiatique itself is a huge night bazaar area occupied by up to 1500 shops and restaurants. The restaurant mostly located in the riverfront area, but most of them serve western food. Baan Khanitha is the only Thai restaurant we found there, and since we've already hungry and craving for Thai cuisine badly, we immediately rushed in. 

Jasmine Chinese Tea (THB 80)
Our beverages came in a very cute elephant clay teapot. Tasted just like ordinary jasmine tea.

Tom Yam Khung Nang (M) (THB 530)
It's our first dinner in Bangkok, of course we ordered the most famous Thai dish, Tom Yam Khung. This one  is using huge river prawn for the main ingredient, and it was not a disappointment at all. The prawn was fresh and the soup was just perfectly seasoned.

Gai Hor Bai Toey (THB 260)
Fried Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaf
Another Thai's signature dish, but this time it didn't meet my expectation. It needed more seasoning to meet my tastebud. I've tasted better Pandan Chicken here in Jakarta.

Khao Pad Talay (L) (THB 540)
Thai Seafood Fried Rice
I asked the waiter what size fit the four of us, and he said the large size (they served the dish in small, medium, and large size). When the dish came, the portion looks huge, but hungry us managed to finish it to the last grain of rice. It tasted good with generous seafood filling .

Our first dinner was very satisfying. Thanks Bangkok for the warm welcome :D

Tips : To get here, it is better to take BTS to Saphan Taksin station, and ride the free boat to Asiatique. The restaurant is located facing the boat dock, and this way, you can enjoy the beauty of Chao Praya river for free ;)

*1 THB = IDR 338

Baan Khanitha by the River (Asiatique)
2194 Room no.8, Charoen Krung Rd.
Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem
Bangkok 10140
ph. +662 108 4910-11
website : Baan Khanitha Thai Cuisine
opening hour : 5 pm till midnight


  1. i really really love this post.. can't wait my next visit to Thailand and try this out!

    1. Hehe thanks, glad you like it :D
      Btw I still curious about what happened to you in Luciole. Will you write the review in your blog soon?

    2. hi again!
      i think i'll pay a second visit before posting it.. beside my past pictures of Luciole aren't good.. at all..

      but here..

      1. service nya super lama dan lemot.. first.. waitress dtg dan kayaknya dia trainee.. nyatet dong pesenan kita.. kayak udah angguk2 ia.. trs pas di tanya ini apa ini apa.. ga tau..
      nunggu sekitar 15menit dan gw kira makanannya udah jadi.. dan tau2 nya 1 waiter dtg ke meja nanya ulang psenan kita... pissed

      2. Makanannya dtg.. dan kayaknya gw salah psen.. gw psen buttered squid rice kalo ga salah seharga 60rb dan itu bnr2 overpriced! cuma dtg nasi butter yang rasa butter nya bnr2 blurry with some fried squids yang dkit banget dan tasteless.. cm crunch doang .. bnr2 hambar 1 menu itu.. oh my...

      3. Minuman nya mayan oke tapi ga special lah ya

      4. Udah psen banyak kan soalnya agak rame.. trs kita mau pindah ke outdoor dong.. udah gt masa si abang nya ini suruh kita mesen kalo misalkan di luar.. ya tmn gw blg dong.. orang ini pindahan dr dlem masa keluar hrs msen lg..

      pokoknya experience gw disana bnr2 awful omg.. ngetiknya aja gw agak bete lg..

      ps : ini gak connect ke email gw.. jd ga tau kalo lu bls.. hikxxxxxxxxx

      hoping you're now not wondering again why hehehe

    3. Wahh thanks for sharing it here, sampe lengkap bangett :D :D

      Disappointing bgt ya servicenya, aneh bgt mau pindah meja disuruh pesen lagi. Kalo makanannya salah pilih aja mungkin, yg gw coba enak sih, trus dessert"nya juga kayanya enak. hehe

      Iyaa gw ga ngerti gimana caranya supaya comment bisa nyambung ke email


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