Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ten Ten Tempura House

I am a big fan of tempura. I've heard of this Ten Ten Tempura restaurant before, and always wanted to try it ever since. So last month, when I saw this appealing Ten Ten deals from, I bought it immediately.

Last week, me and David went to redeem the voucher. It was late lunch time, so only several seats were occupied. I handed the voucher to the waitress, and she showed me the choice for the deals. The deal was 1 Tendon/ Tempura Udon + 1 Tempura Set + 1 Parfait for 63k. Pretty favorable, isn't it?

While waiting for our meal, they gave us a bowl of fried seaweed tempura as a compliment. It was nice, although not as good as tao kae noi's. David usually doesn't like seaweed, but he said this one is not so fishy, so he could eat it.

Tempura Udon
This was my meal. They have 3 choices of tempura seasoning: original, spicy, and blackpepper. I chose the blackpepper, and it was beyond my expectation. It was so delicious that David regretted he chose the spicy seasoning. And the udon was also nice.

Chicken Teriyaki with Tempura Set
This was David's. As I said before, he chose the spicy seasoning, and it was just an ordinary chilli powder, nothing special. But his chicken teriyaki was delicious. Actually, I think the two of us are addicted to chicken teriyaki. Whenever we go to japanese restaurant, we just have to try their chicken teriyaki. And we think all the chicken teriyaki are delicious. haha

Choco Vanilla Parfait
I looove this, sharing one is not enough for me! But I think the glass was too narrow, that its hard to mix the ice cream on the top with the topping on the bottom.

Apple Mint Freeze
This is also David's. Mine was just a glass of cold ocha. I'm not a fan of apple drinks, and David said it tasted kinda like toothpaste. lol.

Oh and one more thing. In their a la carte menu, you can choose your own selection of tempura (from prawn tempura to a various selections of veggie tempura) and mix it as much or as little as you want. They count it per piece, and I think the price is not expensive. Maybe I'll try that for my next visit. Of course with the blackpepper seasoning! :9

Ten Ten Plaza Indonesia
Level Basement, Unit 16-17
Jl MH Thamrin no. 1, Jakarta Pusat
T. 021-29923730
F. 021-29923731

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