Friday, December 07, 2012

The Lab

After having a satisfying dinner at Detention Room, we decided to try the bubble tea place next door, The Lab. The place looks very attractive, both the exterior and interior, but too bad I didn't get any good shot for the exterior, since it was already dark :(

In my opinion, amongst all bubble tea store I've tried, The Lab has the cutest and most unique concept. Loves their consistency between the store name, the interior (starts from the table to the sink!), and the custom designed bubble tea glass that really looked like a lab cylinder. Attention to the details!

Yes, I did say that The Lab is the cutest, but it's also the most expensive bubble tea I've ever bought. We shared a glass of Macadamia Milk Tea (IDR 24.000), topped with Mini Boba (IDR. 3.000). The price was IDR 28.350 after tax & service, and the size was smaller than the usual bubble tea glass (It only came in one size). 

So is it worth it to pay almost IDR 30.000 for a small size bubble tea? Or do we only pay more for the cute glass and ambience? For me, the price is worth the taste. The taste of the macadamia and the tea came strong at first, but they blended nicely in my mouth, making me couldn't wait to take another sip, and another sip, until the glass is empty.

The Lab
Ruko Crown Golf Block D No. 29
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph. +628118772837

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