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It is now my third year of blogging, and it has never crossed my mind (or even my wildest dream) at the beginning that one day I could get the opportunity to eat the food of such talented and experienced chefs as Will Meyrick and Palm Amatawet -- with them also sitting in the same table. But well, it did happen last week.

I received this E&O's private media dinner invitation earlier while I was in the office, and I got really excited that I felt like jumping off my chair. I accepted the invitation and replied the email immediately. How can I not? I've been a big fan of Chef Will Meyrick since I read my fellow blogger's review on his amazing collaboration with Chef William Wongso at JCF Dinner last year. And I also have heard a lot of praises of E&O from other bloggers and friends who work around Kuningan area.

About E&O

E&O is the newest addition of the group behind Loewy, Union, Cork&Screw, and Casa Kemang in collaboration with Chef Will Meyrick and Chef Palm Amatawet, the men behind the famous Sarong and Mama San in Bali. The name E&O stands for Eastern and Oriental, representing the food they serve in the restaurant, which mostly are Thai and Vietnamese dishes. The interior has the characteristic of Loewy, but they're covering the column and ceiling with ceramic tile, adapting the Dutch Bunker in Colonial Era in Indonesia.

Pre Dinner Cocktail and Canap├ęs

Dinner started at seven, but they're serving cocktails and canapes before the dinner time. The canapes were  made from their actual menu, but served in a bite size. 

Before we get into the pictures, I have to say sorry that some pictures don't look as good as it should be. The restaurant was warmly (if it's not dimly) light so this amateur photographer (read: me) was having trouble capturing the gorgeous food.

Pineapple Coriander Margarita (IDR 90.000)
It is a combination of pineapple, lime juice, coriander root, and silver tequila, but mine has no tequila in it. Well I'm not so into alcohol, so this one is enough for me. I am a big fan of pineapple, and combined with lime juice, it was so refreshing.

Crispy Pork Belly with Tamarillo and Tamarind Sauce (IDR 190.000/portion)
This is the only canape I tasted because I was too busy taking pictures, but the others said this one is the best among three canapes, so I feel no regret. It was indeed very good. Soft and savory at the upper part, while the bottom was very crispy. The sauce also complimented it well.

Salmon Betel Leaf with Galangal, Dried Shrimps, Roasted Chillies, Coriander and
 Salmon Roe (IDR 32.000/pc)

Chicken and Prawn in Egg Net with Peanuts, Lemongrass, Mint, Pickled Cucumber 
and Shallots Relish (IDR 65.000/portion)

The 8 Course Dinner

The 8 Course Dinner is divided into five rounds. I did noted Chef Palm's explanation of the food, but I lost it :( So all the reviews below are based on my memory. lol.

Before the dinner started, we were told by our waiter that most of the menu were meant to share. Some are spicy, so we better pair it with the white wine or the red wine.

Selection of Northern Thai Relishes with "Nam Prik Ong (Chicken and Tomato Based Condiment)", Nam Prik Goong (Ebi and Tomato Based Condiment)", Nam Prik Num (Eggplant and Tomato Based Condiment , and Crispy Tempura Vegetables (IDR 125.000)
The actual way to eat this is using the fresh vegetables as the outer skin, fill it with your choice of tempura and condiment, and eat it like Tacos. My favorite condiment was the Nam Prik Ong, as it is the least spicy.

Southern Hot & Sour Soup of Fish with Tamarind Leaves, Turmeric, Chillies, Lime Leaves, and Coriander (IDR 80.000)
It tasted great at first, but it was getting spicier that I cannot finish the soup. Well I'm not really good at eating spicy food, but maybe it will be a grat dish for chilli lovers. The only thing I managed to finish was the fish as it was so fresh and soft.

Grilled Beef Salad with Green Mango, Shallots, Peanuts, Mint, and Nahm Jim Jiaw (IDR 90.000)
It was love at the first bite! Sour and tangy green mango was actually great to be paired with the medium grilled beef. It kept me wanting for more and more, oh I wish this wasn't meant to share. lol.

"Cho Chee" of Crispy Barramundi with Chilli and Thai Basil (IDR 170.000)
The sauce tasted like red curry. It was hot and spicy, but in a delicious way. It is better to eat this dish with rice.

Oh and the rice, it is worth an extra paragraph. They are using Jasmine Rice, improted directly from Thailand. It smelt really good and made all the food more appetizing. 

Twice Cooked Beef Short Ribs with Sweet Fish Sauce, Cucumber, and Nam Pla Prik 
(IDR 220.000)
The beef short ribs was very soft and tender, and seasoned perfectly that it was sweet but also savory at the same time. 

Massaman Curry of Slow Braised Lamb Shank with Cardamom, Shallots, Pumpkin, and Tamarind (IDR 170.000) and Roti Canai (IDR 45.000)
This dish really brought our dinner into climax. Well massaman curry is the champion of the top 50 best food in the world according to CNN Travel 2011, so no wonder it's good. It's sweet, savory, spicy, definitely very rich. Usually I smell a certain aroma that I don't like when I eat lamb, but this lamb doesn't have it. It is great to be eaten with rice, but I think it is best to pair it with their Roti Canai. Definitely my favorite dish of the night.

Cocoa Ganache with Peanut Butter Palm Sugar Ice Cream and Honeycomb Crumble (IDR 50.000)
Desserts has always been everybody's favorite part of the dinner. This one is very rich in texture. Soft home made peanut butter ice cream, smooth and solid cocoa ganache, and sweet and crunchy honeycomb crumble. Spoiling your mouth at its best.

Durian Panna Cotta with White Sticky Rice (IDR 50.000)
Beautifully presented, well tasted. You know I'm not a fan of Durian, but this one has just changed my mind. You can definitely taste the durian, but it's not overpowering the whole dish. The panna cotta is sweet and smooth and already a great dessert itself, but the sticky rice just complimenting it well. The two of them really made an excellent combo.

And the night wouldn't be complete without taking picture with the duo masterminds behind the menu. Thank you Chef Will Meyrick, Chef Palm Amatawet, Ms. Raechel Temily, Ms. Catherine Vilia, and Ms. Ni Putu Wulan for arranging this fabulous event, and having me in it. And thank you to all my new blogger friends, for such a fun night. It was definitely one of my best dinner. Ever!

Menara Rajawali 1st Floor
Jl. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot #5.1
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan
web. E&O
fb. E&O


  1. aaa that braised lamb shank with canai looks so good!

    you totally deserve the invitation, girl!!

    i loveeee your daily nut header !! snyum2 kecut while my header is now under reconstruction lol

    1. aww thanks Cend! You have to try it too.. I heard they also have amazing Nutella Steamed Buns tapi kemaren ga masuk di menunyaa :( :(

      Thanks for noticing my new header, ini dibikinin temen gue ahahah. My skill alone couldn't create something like this. What happened to your header? Gue suka bgt loh logonyaa. That adorable red man, please jangan diganti. ahahha

    2. bagus banget headerrr nyaaaa omg
      ga tauuu gw liat header gw ud enekk gt.. terus mau ganti kayak napa jd jelekk..

      nutella steam buns?? buns with nutella as filling gt?

      semoga tar ada invitation yang pas gw dtg, lu jg dtg yaa..

    3. Ahahah iyaa sih kalo udah lama suka enekk liat header sendiri, padahal pas baru bikin berasanya bagus.. Tapi your next one pasti better drpd yg sebelomnyaa, yakin gue :D

      Yupp kayak bakpao telor asin gitu, tp di dalemnya nutella panas & katanya taste heavenly. Pengen cobaa jadinya

      Iyaa surely we'll meet soon yah! Can't wait :D :D

  2. Hei, thanks ya for putting my link on ur blog.. I'll do the same with yours.. It was nice meeting you :)

    1. The pleasure is mine! See you in the next event ya El :) :)

  3. Hai Nat, Aline nih. Wah, review dan foto2nya keren!
    Btw, tukar link yuk! :)

    1. Hali Aline, thanks ya udah mampir :D

      I've linked your blog ya, thanks for putting mine also.

      Nice to meet you lin, sampai ketemu di acara berikutnya yaa :D :D


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