Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

TWG tea is finally opening their Jakarta branch. Originally comes from Singapore, I've only tasted their famous tea-infused macarons brought by a friend once, and fell in love instantly with their Napoleon Tea and Caramel Macaron. But now I could taste everything they got. Yay!

image taken from TWG facebook page
The outlet is divided into two sections, the left side is for the tea display, while the right side is the dining area. Well I have to say that the dining space was not too comfortable. The table and chairs were fine, but the space between table was too narrow, especially when that we got seated at the corner, sharing our table with another customers. But in the end it goes down to the food, right? So here's what we had that day.

Eggs Benedict (IDR 80.000)
Eggs Benedict is a dish that I couldn't not order during any time of meal. And TWG did well on this one. There's choice between Salmon and Turkey Ham, so I went with Turkey. As you can see, the presentation was stunning, the eggs were beautifully poached, and the sauce had that perfect creamy, buttery and acidity taste in it.

Singapore Surprise (IDR 45.000)
It's like love at first sight. I took a single look at their cake display area, and instantly knew that I want it. Plus, the waiter also said that this cake was their best seller. Presentation wise, it's not beautiful, but definitely tantalizing. It has the creamy dreamy texture that comes from the vanilla cream, but the fresh and tangy taste of raspberry was balancing it well.

Chocolate Chocolate (IDR 45.000)
This is another best seller. It is beautifully presented, but let's just say, not my cup of tea? The upper part was the soft chocolate mousse, while the bottom was crunchy pistachio. First bite was good, but for me it got too overwhelming after several bites.

Napoleon Tea and Caramel (black) and Bain de Rose Tea (pink) Macarons 
(IDR 15.000 each)
We only tasted two macarons, since we've had cakes before. I still love the Napoleon Tea and Caramel more, but the Bain de Rose Tea flavor was also good. TWG's macaron has always got the light crisp outer skin while the filling was soft and slightly chewy.

White Silk Tea (IDR 42.000)
This tea is the waiter's recommendation. He said that it is a combination of Green Tea, Blue Tea, and Almond. And yes, you can smell a hint of sweet almond aroma when you drink it.

As I mentioned earlier, they also have the tea display section, which comes in attractive packaging, so it is definitely a good option for a gift to the special ones. TWG claims that they got more than 800 variants of tea from around the world, so the journey wouldn't end here. There's still much more to taste.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
Plaza Senayan, Shop Unit No. 103A, 107A, 109A and 111A 
Level 1, Senayan Square Complex,
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8, Kelurahan Gelora,
Kecamatan Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat

web. TWG Tea


  1. aaaaaa that singapore surprise looksssss soooooo goodddd.. i wantttt.... hahaha...

    tempatnya ok ga?? eh terus emg dngr2 gak boleh foto2in tempatnya gt?

    1. Yes you should try that! Enaak creamy" gt tp ada raspberrynya jg.. hoho

      Tempatnya ok sih sebenernya, cuma sempit aja jalannya, sama kalo rame kita bs disuruh share table gt, jd kurang private ya mnurut gw.

      Gw ga bawa kamera sih kemaren, jd gw foto" pake iphone dan mereka ga masalah tuh. Tapi hasil foto interiornya ga baguss, jadi gw ambil dr fb page twg aja deh T.T

    2. ew... ciyusly sharing table??
      udah pada ke twg aja yaa.. i'm so late mau ksana.. jauh lagi dr rumah..
      terus harga nya mayan mengocek kantong anak kuliahan yaa like me T_T

    3. Iyaa swt kan, udah makan mahal" masa duduknya share gt. Untung enak.. hahah

      Ga jauh lah, bukannya sering main ke Senopati ya?

  2. kamu suka makanan yang mana? saya suka BURGERnya :), dan "Macarons" . sudah pada tahu belum salah satu menu "Macarons"? nih saya punya link gambarnya, klik dan saya punya list "Top Afternoon Tea Places"

  3. Saya kenal chef twg yg bikin pastry2 lucu dan cakesnya. Dia asli jepang.

    Macarons.. kenapa dikau expensive,, coba harganya 3000 rupiah saja :p


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