Saturday, July 06, 2013

Kana's Delight

A new dessert place is coming to Central Park Mall, replacing my office's favorite snack counter, Monami Bakery. It was pretty sad losing our daily snack, especially it's super affordable for our budget. But the newcomer did a very well job on decorating their outlet that we've been craving for it even before it's opening. Finally, Kana's Delight is open for business this week, so we wasted no time and tried it last Monday.

The main product is pudding, topped with choices of fruit sauces. Their recommended flavors are Durian Ecstasy and Going Coconutz. They are using real fresh fruits for making the fruit sauces, so it is indeed a very healthy dessert. Other than puddings, they also have other snacks to offer, such as Risoles and Crispy Cookies.

Here's what we had that day, from left to right : Durian Ecstasy (IDR 25.000), Magnificent Mango (IDR 20.000), Blueberry (IDR 25.000), and Strawberry Banana (IDR 20.000). I'm having a hard time picking my favorite flavor, since all of them were good. The mango was kinda sweet, while the blueberry and strawberry banana were sour but refreshing. Durian was my least favorite, since I'm not a big fan of durian fruit. The durian taste was too strong for me, but it might be a delicious treat for durian lovers.

Last thing worth mentioning is their packaging. They put a lot of effort keeping the puddings fresh and cold with a very cute box and ice packs inside. And they also gave us grated chocolate for extra topping, which I think is a little weird at first to be combined with my Strawberry Banana Pudding, but it turned out that the sweet of the chocolate blended well with the tangy strawberry taste.

Kana's Delight
Central Park Mall
Lower Ground Floor #158
(across Java Kitchen / Ramen Sanpachi)
Jl. S. Parman
Jakarta Barat
fb. Kana's Delight
web. Kana's Delight

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