Thursday, July 04, 2013

Cooking Class at Paradise Dynasty

Last Saturday, I got invited to a cooking class held by Groupon Disdus, in collaboration with Paradise Dynasty. This was my first cooking class, and I was so excited! The event was held in Paradise Dynasty Plaza Senayan early in the morning. There were two dishes for us to cook that day, the famous 8 Flavored Signature Xiao Long Bao and Vegetable Bun.

Before heading to our station, we got the chance to see Chef Atin doing the demonstration of how to make the xiao long bao and vegetable bun. The dough and filling has been prepared before, so all we have to do is inserting the filling into the skin, and cover it with folds at the top. Seems pretty simple right?

The picture above is the chef's Xiao Long Bao, and the picture below belongs to my team. Well for me, making the folds were actually pretty hard. My folds often got too thick and it can't patched well. But in the end, I quite satisfied with my Xiao Long Bao. The ones I made were the orange, pink, and green. For the taste, you can check my earlier post.

Same problem happened to the vegetable bun, so as you can see, our folds were a little bit too thick. But in the end the most important thing is the taste right? ;p Oh the green thing on the top of our bun is a part of the filling. We put it on the top as it was meant to be garnish, but Chef Atin said it should be done after steaming so the garnish didn't get watery, so we removed it.

Of course there has to be a narcissistic photo session of these young but talented amateur chefs (read: my team ;p) with Chef Atin and our dish (sorry it's over exposure). From left to right it's Yulie, Dini, Novie, Chef Atin, and me!

After the fun cooking session, we waited for our dish to be steamed, and we also got lunch served by Paradise Dynasty. What we got for our lunch is La Mian with Dan Dan Sauce, Paradise Dynasty's signature hand-pulled noodles, topped with spicy minced chicken and cucumber. And for dessert, we got Kue Kapas, a very soft textured cake with two flavors, the yellow part is Mango, and the white part is Coconut flavor. 

Bottom line, I would like to say thank you to Groupon and Paradise Dynasty team for having me in this event. I learned something new, tasted something new, and made new friends! See you again in the next event :)

Paradise Dynasty
Plaza Senayan 5th flr (across XXI)
Jl. Asia Afrika
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 579000146


  1. ah! if i made it to join the cooking class, we can met in person! but, damn.. pagi banget itu acara.. :( :(

    1. Iyaa I saw your email on the invitation, I thought you were going to come
      :( :( :( Next time ya!

      Acaranya ternyata mulai jem sepuluh sih, lamaa banget itu nunggunya pagi"

  2. hey nat.. kita cooking class barengan loh, tp gak sempet kenalan yah hehe.. dan gw blm sempet posting juga yang inih hahaha.. salam kenal yahh..

    1. Halo Lenny, wah iyaa kemarin ga sempat kenalan yaa. Padahal gw sering baca you see food loh. hehe iya salam kenal jg ya, semoga laen kali bisa ikut acara bareng lg :D :D :D


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