Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tokyo Belly

Ismaya's outlet is always a must-try. I've always adored their creativity in creating unique restaurant concepts and serving delicious food, no matter what kind of food it is. Western, Japanese, Chinese, say it, they've got it all. Now they even reach coffee and soon the cake bussiness too. I wonder will they open an Indonesian food restaurant too someday?

Anyway, this is a late post about my dinner with high school besties at one of Ismaya's restaurant, Tokyo Belly. The outlet is replacing Mr. Curry's place at Grand Indonesia, but looks more open and more Japanese, because they've got lots of japanese murals on the wall.

A friend of mine brought us a box of chocolate truffles from shangri-la. How kind of her :D 

I ordered Hot Ocha (IDR 13.000, Refillable), and it came in such a cute mug. Every property of Tokyo Belly got this red man printed on it.

My Salmon Ikura Horenso Omurice (IDR 58.000) didn't look as appetizing as the picture in the menu. The sauce was almost dried up, I think they took too long before serving it to the table. Taste was fine. I chose the buttered rice, but it was more like chicken fried rice.

One of my friend ordered Chicken Katsu Curry Rice (IDR 58.000). Tasted just like Mr. Curry's.

Another friend of mine ordered a plate of Kiss of Fire Sushi (IDR 45.000), salmon rolled sushi fried with tempura batter, served hot. This one is delicious! I would love to order a second plate if we weren't too full that night.

Great food and great companion, what a night!

Tokyo Belly
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
 West Mall level 3A 
Jakarta, Indonesia
ph. (021) 23581090


  1. curry nya looks so good!! oh my.... idk why.. tp kyknya mr curry lebih appealing ya..

    btw, i've tried luciole yesterday. aduh.. disappointing visit .. service nya jg kyk slow motion..

    1. Iyaa gw jg prefer mr curry tapi jauuh di PIM :(

      What happened? Service nya cepet kok pas gw dtg, tp mgkn gara" lg ada ownernya yg ngatur waktu itu. Lol


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