Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ah Poong

Last Saturday, me and David were having an impromptu trip to Bogor. We were actually planning to have our valentine's date, since we didn't have a proper one on the 14th, but we're not in the mood for fancy restaurants and movie date, so we just thought, why don't we go to Bogor? I've been wanting to try Ah Poong in Sentul City since I read the review on Wanderbites

Ah Poong is actually the newest branch of Eat&Eat, located in the riverside of Sentul City. To go there, take the second Sentul Exit from tol Jagorawi (Sentul Selatan Exit), not the first one. We almost got lost by taking the first Sentul Exit.

We arrived at Ah Poong at lunch time, and the place were so crowded. It's hard to find the parking lot, and it's even harder to find an empty table. We decided to walk slowly, take a look of the choices of food, as we're looking for the empty table. The is divided into two parts, the first is selling authentic Indonesian Food, and the second part is for Peranakan Food. Other than food, they also have a little 'floating maket' selling fruits in the boat, and they rented the boat to the guests, with no minimum charge. You can pay as much or as cheap as you want for renting the boat.

From the wide selection of food, here's what we chose:

Martabak Kubang (IDR 29.000)
Martabak Kubang is a kind of Peranakan Food which mixes the Padang and Indian spices into the fillings of the martabak. The spice blended very well in the mouth, along with the eggs, beef, and the crispy skin of the martabak. Love it.

Nasi Bakar Ayam (IDR 32.000)
This was also good. The rice is filled with spicy shredded chicken, and then grilled inside the banana leaf, creating nice aroma when you eat it. But the fritters that comes with it is a little dissapointment. It's cold and chewy. Euw.

Tahu Telor (IDR 22.000)
Tahu Telor has never been my favourite, but always been David's. Tried it a little and it was okay. The egg is crispy on the outside, and the bumbu kacang (nut seasoning) was also okay. 

Overall, I think this less than IDR 100.000 lunch date is much more worthy than our usual fancy restaurant's date. Go and try yourself :D

Ah Poong (Pasar Apung Sentul City)
Sentul City (Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda)
BogorJawa Barat 16810 

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