Wednesday, February 13, 2013

La Finestra

La Finestra is an Italian restaurant located in the corner of Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall. I've been meaning to try it for a long time since it's located just down my office at APL tower, but never got the chance, until I bought their voucher from DisDus. So last week, me and David were having (a super rare) lunch together there.

The interior was nice and comfortable. It is designed as a garden terrace, I presume. They've got unfinished brick walls, windows, artificial vines on the ceiling, and lots of comfortable sofas. Upon arival, the customers are supposed to order in the cashier first, and then the waiter will give us a number to be placed on our table. 

My DisDus Voucher consists 2 Appetizers, 1 Pasta, and 1 Pizza for IDR. 95.000. And here's what we had for our lunch:

Zuppa d'Funghi 
Just an ordinary mushroom soup. Taste was fine, but I expected a slice of baguette to come with it.

BBQ Chicken Wings
I don't understand why David always got attracted by chicken wing as appetizer. In my opinion, they all taste  just the same as the fiesta chicken wing that you can buy in the supermarket. Just add bbq sauce. Just not my kind of appetizer.

Angel Pollo d'Funghi
There was 7 choices of pasta written on the voucher, but when we got there, the waiter said only 3 out of 7 were available. That was such a turn down. So we came with this, Angel hair pasta, served with salad, breaded chicken, and mushroom sauce. Overcooked pasta, pale chicken, but the mushroom sauce helped a little bit. Didn't touch the salad.

Meat Lovers Pizza
The most acceptable food in the entire lunch. Thin crusted pizza topped with beef, peperoni, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. I like it that they use sliced beef instead of minced beef for the topping.

That was definitely not my best lunch, but that's just my opinion. Maybe anyone think different?

La Finestra Tribeca
Central Park Mall
Tribeca Ground Floor, TGF #16
Jl. Letnan Jendral. S. Parman. Kav 28
Jakarta Barat
p. 021-2920 0292

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