Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Indomie Taste of Asia

A few weeks ago, I received a box of the new Indomie flavors. In this brand new products, Indomie is slightly changing their concept. While usually Indomie is famous for their local taste, now they are expanding their flavors and launched the "Taste of Asia" concept. There are three flavors launched recently, each flavor represents an Asian country. Here they are:

Indomie Tom Yum a la Thailand

Indomie Bulgogi a la Korea

Indomie Laksa a la Singapore

After tasting all three flavors, my heart goes to the Indomie Bulgogi. I'm always a huge fan of Indomie Goreng series, and I have to say that Indomie Bulgogi is another great invention. The noodle is wider and chewier than the usual, and the seasoning were great, but I suggest not to blend all the seasoning since it'll get too sweet. Oh and not to mention the generous slice of beef, yum!

In the other hand, the Indomie Laksa was pretty decent. I'm not a big fan of Laksa, but I find that Indomie Laksa was quite enjoyable. A little spicy but good.

The third one, Indomie Tom Yum, was kinda disappointing for me. As the picture shows, the seasoning couldn't blend well with the hot water, as well as the taste. And the taste also need to be more 'kicking', in my opinion.

All these flavors are now available in almost every mini market as well as super market in town, each at the price IDR 3.000 -IDR 4.000, depends on the market brand and promotion. 

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