Sunday, December 29, 2013


After experiencing the not-so-nice service and ended up not having a table at PAUL (read about this on my previous post), we decided to have our lunch at Odysseia, which located just across PAUL in front of Galeries Lafayette. The place is divided into two areas. The smoking area is outside, decorated beautifully to look like a comfortable terrace, while the non smoking area is indoor, decorated a little too simple, to be compared with the outdoor area. It was past lunch time, only a few table were occupied, so we decided to sit in their beautiful outdoor area, which we regretted later because a couple sit right beside us and smoking non stop which looked like a nice place for girls day out.

The menu is mostly western, but they also serves some fusion menu between western and Indonesian cuisines. We decided to share these two main courses since we're still kinda full from eating panna cotta earlier.

Classic Grilled Salmon (IDR 155.000)
Thin crisped skin salmon served with mashed potatoes and dill butter sauce. Grilled salmon has always been everyone's comfort healthy meal. This one tasted decent, love the perfectly crisped salmon skin, but it's not the extraordinarily good one. Just nice and decent.

Wagyu Rendang Steak (IDR 145.000)
Diced wagyu beef topped with rendang sauce and fried shallots, served with fried rice, sunny side up, prawn crackers, melinjo chips, and acar. Unlike the salmon, I found this dish was probably one of the best nasi goreng dish I've ever had. Tender beef, rich and yummy rendang sauce, and delicious fried rice. More beef need to be added though, or you should call it nasi goreng wagyu, because this doesn't look like wagyu steak. Price is a little too steep for nasi goreng, but worth a try.

A very nice place to have a girls day out or maybe dinner date. Would surely come again for their fried rice, or maybe try the other menu.

Pacific Place, Ground Floor
(In front of Galeries Lafayette)
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
ph. (021) 514 00028

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