Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Bali] Mama San

Hello! I just got back from a super fun trip to Bali with my high school friends. Got lots of stories and pictures to share, so let's start with Mama San.

Having heard countless stories and rumours of how great the food they serve here, it's only normal that we went here straight away from the airport. It was Thursday afternoon post lunchtime, only a few tables were occupied, and most of the customers were not Indonesian. 

Upon entering the venue, the modern industrial interior is dominating the place. The element of wood, concrete, and bricks are blending well along with the huge painting of 'Mama' figure at the back. Planted pots and standing lamps add more colors to the monochromatic ambiance.

With Will Meyrick as the name behind this establishment (he's also the man behind Sarong and E&O), of course the food they serve here are Asian, widely varies from the rich curries to delicate dim sums. Here's our pick that day:

La lot  (IDR 68.000)
Vietnamese grilled minced pork belly wrapped in betel leaves with nuoc cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce). I'm really happy that my Bali trip started with such a great dish. Savoury minced pork belly was seasoned excellently, betel leaf adding textures and aroma, and the Nuoc Cham is sweet, sour, salty, and spicy at the same time in a balanced way. What a good start!

Vietnamese “Pho Bo” (IDR 115.000)
Vietnamese rice noodles served with twice cooked beef, Thai basil & Hanoi chilli sauce. Usually I'm not a big fan of pho, but I have to admit that this one is good. Nice warm broth and generous beef. Enough said.

Green Curry  (IDR 135.000)
In the other hand, curry is my all-time-favourite food. Mama San's green curry of sliced beef with bamboo long bean apple eggplant & Thai basil is one of the best green curry I've tasted so far. As usual, green curry is not too heavy, but still got the curry taste in it. But I hope they could reduce the chilli a little bit since it was too spicy for my taste bud.

To counter the spiciness in Mama San's food, they also have selections of cold and refreshing beverages:

Red Fruits & Raspberry (IDR 35.000)
Red fruit tea raspberry sorbet & lemon juice. Just looking at the presentation could chill me a little bit. It was sour and refreshing, just a perfect companion after dealing with that much spiciness in such a hot day.

Honey Lime (IDR 35.000)
Black tea lemon & honey lime sorbet. This one is a sweeter option if you can't handle that much sourness. Sweet or sour? Your choice.

After tasting all of he food, my favorite is definitely their La Lot. But all of them were great, really worth trying. Thanks Mama San, for serving us such a delicate meal to start our vacation in Bali.

Mama San Kitchen, Bar, and Lounge
Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 135
Bali - Indonesia
ph. (0361) 730436
web. Mama San


  1. woahh! mouthwatering post!
    that red fruits & raspberry looks soo good haha

    ps : oh, i love your watermark!

    1. Haha thanks cend! Kemarin pas ke Bali cobain Mama San ga?

      Glad you love the watermark, still working to improve it, kadang" masih suka aneh hahaha

    2. engga cobain!! both sarong or mamasan ga ad yg cobain.. omg.. ampe lupa di bali makan apa aja. tp setiap harinya bnr2 full schedule.. *kibas poni hahaha

      how was ur trip??? yg enak dimanaa aja!

  2. great pics! the pho looks so comforting :)

    1. Thanks Irene! Indeed, comforting is the perfect word to describe the Pho. You should try next time you visit Bali :D


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