Sunday, August 11, 2013

Publico Bistro and Winebar

Last Saturday, a best friend of mine was holding her birthday dinner at Publico, Senopati. The place is a three-storeyed building, with the first floor as the reception area, while second and third floor are the dining area. All three floor are connected by a unique spiral wooden staircase. The dining area was spacious, it is dominated with the black and yellow furnitures, and they got a huge void above the bar area. Love love love the interior, but too bas it was dimly lit, so I didn't manage to take good pictures.

So let's just go straight to the food.

Thai on Ninth (IDR 50.000), deep fried bread and chicken, served with Thai chilli sauce.

Popcorn Prawns (IDR 50.000), deep fried prawns served with salad with thousand island dressing.

Tea Smoked Salmon (IDR 115.000), roasted in ginger and garlic marinade, served with wasabi mashed potatoes and apple salad (But as you can see in the picture, my friend's plate got no apple).

Black Angus Beef Burger (IDR 90.000), with onion rings, cheddar cheese, and triple cooked fries.

Oven Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pesto (IDR 80.000), served with butter mashed potatoes.

Soy Glazed Salmon (IDR 115.000), served with garlic ginger rice and sauteed mushrooms and beans.

Miso Marinated Black Cod (IDR 115.000), roasted and served with butter mashed potatoes.

Roasted Spring Chicken (IDR 95.000), served with roasted potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and beans, and gravy.


Grilled Barramundi (IDR 135.000), well that's what written on the bill, but I think this more looks like Steamed Barramundi with vegetables.

I'm not reviewing the food one by one, but let me tell you, there's not a single dish that dissapointing us that night. Yes, you heard it right. Well the dish might not be perfect, but everything's delicious and everyone seems to enjoy our dinner that night. As for my dish, the Soy Glazed Salmon, it came in generous portion, well seasoned salmon with crispy skin and tender meat, and delicious rice. Gotta love it.

And as usual, a narcissistic picture to end the post. Happy birthday, Maya!

Jalan Senopati Raya no. 65
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
ph. (021) 52964960
f. Publico


  1. boom! just a few minutes after you post :p

    yang paling enak yang manaa?? i'm dying to knowwww hehe

    1. haha you're fast! gw ga coba semuaa, tp paling suka sih soy glazed salmon gw sama miso marinated black cod. kalo appetizernya enakan thai on ninth :D :D

  2. my fave was the tea smoked salmon! it was generous and I really liked the sauce :)

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Didn't try the tea smoked salmon's sauce, but yes the portion was generous yaa. Yg soy glazed salmon juga enak loh nasinya, you should try :D


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