Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paradise Inn

It's still January, yet I've crossed my Food Resolution List for the third time! And this time get ready for chinese.

Last week, Jakarta was hit by massive flood. A lot of area were damaged, and transportation lines were disrupted. Luckily, my area was not flooded, so me and my parents can still wandering around for dinner. We went to Puri Indah Mall aiming fot Ta Wan, but unfortunately the place was closed due to the flood. So we tried Paradise Inn instead.

The place has just opened recently, replacing two previous restaurants, Over Rice and Ajisen Ramen. The interior is pretty much the same as the Plaza Indonesia branch, decorated with wooden furniture, cyan transparent partition, and lots of lanterns. It is a under the affiliation of Boga Group (the same as Pepper Lunch, Ten Ten, Bakerzin, and Paradise Dynasty), so I presume the food will be good.

The first menu that tempted my empty tummy was the Imperial Pork Ribs, but it was sold out that night, unlucky me. So here's what we ordered for the three of us :

Crisp-fried Crystal Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk (S) (IDR 78.000)
Just reading the name could make me droll over it. The shrimp was cooked into the perfect crispiness, and the salted egg yolk was so delicious that I want to lick it right from the plate. But in my opinion, the portion was just too small. We paid 78.000 ++ and only got 5 pieces of shrimp, is it just me or it's really too pricey?

Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio & Minced Pork in Superior Stock (IDR 58.000)
This were also good, I was glad they didn't put many phitan egg since I don't like it. The minced pork made the broth yummier, since I'm a devoted pork eater. The portion was also fine for the three of us.

Homemade Style Fried Vermicelli (S) (IDR 48.000)
It was a dissapointment for us. The vermicelli was overcooked, and as it shown in the picture, it's too oily. The seasoning was actually good, but with the overcooked vermicelli and too much oil, the taste was ruined. And one more thing, they only gave one shrimp for the entire portion. 

Seriously, I wonder are they really stingy on the shrimp, or maybe this was because the flood issue that they reduce the portion? We spent more than IDR 300.000 for the dinner, yet it didn't take us anywhere near full.

Paradise Inn 
Puri Indah Mall Lt.1 Unit #102
Puri Indah
West Jakarta

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