Saturday, November 17, 2012

Caprese Restaurant, Pizzeria, and Bar

A few weeks ago, I went to Kota Kasablanka with a friend of mine to see the Jakarta Architecture Triennale  Exhibition. I've never been there before, and I just found out that it got the Food Society section, which consists lots of new restaurants to try. That day we tried this Caprese restaurant, and I liked it so much, but unfortunately I didn't bring my camera that day. So two days ago, I went there again with David, and this time with my camera equipped.

Caprese is located in the front area between the Main Lobby and the Food Society Lobby. I really love the interior of the place, with high ceiling, transparent bamboo partition, cute dining lamps, and lots of sunlights coming from the outside. But the interior is not the reason I came back there, it's the food who has taken my heart at first place.

The Porkies Pizza (IDR 60.000) was recommended by the waiter at my first visit, and this is what brings me back here. Thin crusted pizza topped with pork sausages, bacon, barbeque sauce, and mozzarella cheese, I would like to recommend this for all pork eaters out there :) 

For our main course, we shared two other menus, Egg Benedict (IDR 50.000) and Lasagna (IDR 55.000). I've always wanted to try egg benedict since I watched the masterchef series, so this was my first egg benedict! Two beautifully poached eggs over spinach, chicken ham, and english muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce, and served with sauteed mushrooms. I think my egg was slightly overcooked, since the egg yolk was kinda dense, but the taste still very delicious. I love the taste of my first bite, it feels like all the ingredients were balancing each other. 

The lasagna was also good, love the meat sauce, but the lasagna itself was a liitle overcooked, that it tasted kinda mushy. On my first visit, I tried Melanzane Parmigiana. I think it was some kind of eggplant lasagna, the sauce was the same, but the eggplant texture was perfect.

By the way this is the picture of the head chef taking picture of me, while I was taking picture of him. LOL. I was actually taking picture of the interior when I realized he's taking my picture. He was very friendly, he came out once in a while and smiling to the customer.

Anyway, I was really satisfied by the food, ambience, and the service of this place. If only I worked around the Kuningan area, I would visit it often :)

Caprese Restaurant, Pizzeria, and Bar
Kota Kasablanka Mall, Ground Floor Unit FGS02
Jl. Kasablanka Raya kav. 88, Kuningan
Phone:  (021) 29465333


  1. Haha, gotta love the chef's charm. Looks like the pork pizza is THAT good, eh?

    1. Hi Rub, thanks for dropping by to my blog :)

      The pizza was very satisfying for me, but why don't you try yourself and let me know what you think?

      Anyway I linked your blog to mine (since long ago), I hope you don't mind :D

  2. hi daily nut!
    just found out your blog yesterday and ended reading all of your posts!

    1. i love your pictures! they're fabulous.. may i know your camera type? since my pocket camera is broke.
    2. how much the range for the main course? the place looks really nice and foods are so tempting especially the lasagna :P

    1. Hi Cend Woo, thanks for dropping by to my blog :D :D

      1. Thanks! And feel sorry for your broken camera. I'm currently using Canon 500D with standard Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens or EF 50mm lens. But I think it's not available anymore. You should get canon 600D for similar spec :)
      2. For the main course, as far as I remember, some pasta started from less than 50k, while they also got steaks for higher option.

      I hope the information's useful. Anyway I linked your blog to mine yaa :D

    2. hi again! thank you so much... very very helpful and useful!

      put yours also and nice to know you :D


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