Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hakata Ikkousha (Rumah Bahagia Pertama)

It's been almost a year since I saw the first review of this ramen place on Wanderbites, and the amount of good reviews from other blogs and friends is keep increasing, but I've never had the time to try it, since I rarely go to Muara Karang and Kelapa Gading. But last month, finally I tried the famous and legendary Hakata Ikkousha! And I just can't help to get addicted immediately.

So no needs for long words of preliminary, let's just go straight to the food!

Ramen Babi Special (38k)
This is what I ordered at my first visit. The thick broth, the soft boiled egg, and the texture of the noodles were really spoiling my tongue with pleasure and delicacy. 

 Ramen Babi Tam-Tam (46k)
On my second visit, I challenged myself to tasted the spicy one. I don't really like spicy food, but with all the people recommending this menu to me, I tried it. And it wasn't a disappointment. The broth is better with a little spiciness inside, and you also get minced pork for this item. So this becomes my new favourite.

Buta Chasiu Thick (58k)
This is one of their recommended side dish. It comes with two choice of sauce, sweet and salty. I prefer the sweet sauce myself. This also tasted excellent, the pork is thick, and the spice is good. 

Overall, IMO, it is undeniable that Hakata Ikkousha's Ramen is the best I've ever tasted. But if there's one thing I'd like to complain, is the unstable pork meat. When you ordered the ramen, or the chasiu, sometimes you got all meat, but in the other times, you got a little meat and more lards. I can't eat pork lards, so it is somehow bothering me when the ramen (or the chasiu) is full of lards.

But still though, the best ramen place in town. Go try it!

Hakata Ikkousha (博多一幸舎)
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No.85
North Jakarta
ph. +62 21 66600255
fx. +62 21 66670588

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